Stafford Gas Act 1846

Publication Date:January 01, 1846
Stafford Gas Act 1846

(9 & 10 Vict.) c. cxiv

An Act for better supplying with Gas the Town and Borough of Stafford, and the several Parishes and Townships of Saint Mary and Saint Chad in Stafford, Castle Church, Hopton and Coton, and Tillington, all in the County of Stafford

[26th June 1846]

VIC EGINB. cap. cxiv. An Act for better su1)plying with Gas the Town and Borough of Stafbrd, and the several Parishes and Townships of Su2j2t Mury aid Suint Chud in Stuford, Custle, Ho~iton and Coton, and Tihgton, all in the County of Stcflrd. [ZBth J2112e 1846.1 HEREAS the Town and Borough of Stafoyd, and the several Parishes and Townships of' Saint Mary and Saint CJiad in St@rd, Castle CJiurch, Hopton and Coton, and Tillington, all in the County of Xtafbrd, are at present inadequately supplied with Gas, and it would be attended with much Advantage to the Inhabitants of the said Districts if a cheaper and better Supply of Gas were provided for lighting the said Districts : And whereas the set,eral Persons herein-after named, with others, are willing and desirous of affording such cheaper and better Supply if emponwed by Parlia- ment so to do: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and 'leinporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and [LOCUZ.] 23 R br 2090 go st 10" VICTORIB, cup.cxiv. 86rgVict. by the Authority of the same, That the several Acts of Parliament CC. '6,' 18* following, (that is to say,) the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act, ext elide d to rlliP 1845, and the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, shall (save 3'; hereinafter excepted, and save as to such of the Provisions thereof as are or may be inconsistent with the Provisions of this Act) be incorporated with and form Part of this Act, and be applicable to thy Undertaking hereby authorized. pjotlling to 11. Provided always, and be it enacted, That nothinq in the said 'iuthorizethe Lands Clauses Act or in this Act contained shall authorize the Coni- comPulsorY pany hereby incorporated to purchase, take, or use any Lands, unless with the Consent of and by Agreement with the Owners and Occupier\ Purchase of Lands. thereof: ,jet. 111. And be it enacted, That. in citing this Act in other Acts oi Parliament, or in any legal Instruments, it shall be sufficient to use the Expression (' The Staford Gas Act, 1S46." Incorpora- 1V. And be it enacted, That John Kenderdine, Willinin Simp tion of' iWnttl!ews, Jolm Marson, George Sidney, Thomas Tunzer, JcImcs comr?any- Turnock, Thomas Boulton, Edwin Bostock, Robert Ttimock, Jcirlnes Cook, Clmdes Edward Illorgan, John Grl$in, Jo?m Jleeson, I2Z'ct'~c~1d Cr0!41Jon, John Windows, Robert Hughes, William Buatoiz, Joseph Price, Jonas Pilling, Jolm Tulboi, Edxard Lloyd, Jknzes Dickenson, Joliu Kenderdine Sliaw, Charles Dawson, Clinrles Chestel. Nbrt, Edlc.urd Kniglit, John Spilsbzcry the younger, John Crosbie, William Boweii, Lieutenant John Kendedine, and Willimn Johnson the yoiing;er, and all other Persons and Corporations who have already subscribed or shall hereafter subscribe to the Undertaking liereby arrthorized, and their Executors, Administrators, St~ccessors, ancl As- signs respectively, shall be united and incorporated into a Company for the Purposes hereinafter mentioned, under the Name of cc The Sta$brd New Gas Company," and by that Name shall be a Body Corporate with perpetual Succession, and shall have Power to purchase and hold Lands for the Purposes of the Undertaking, within the Itestrictions herein and in the recited Acts contained, Objects and V. And be it enacted, That the Company shall be established for purposes of the Purpose of manufacturing Gas, and for providing Gasometers and the Coin- all Apparatus, Macliinery, and Buildings necessary for that Purpose, IXlIL7Y. and for lighting with Gas the several Streets, Roads, Lanes, public Passages, Churches, Chapels, and Places, and also the several Shops, Taverns, private Houses, Warehouses, and other Buildings witliin the Limits of this Act ; and also for selling and disposing of Coke, and of every Product, Refuse, and Residuum arising or to be obtained from the Materials used in or necessary for the Manufacture of Gas, in such Manner as the Company may think proper. VI. And whereas the estimated Expence of carrying iuto effect the Objects and Purposes of this Act is Ten thousand Pounds ; be it therefore enacted, That Ten thousand Pounds shall be the Capital of the Company. Cqital. VII. And 9" & 10" VICTORIX, Cq.cxiv. 209 I VII. And be it enacted, That the Number of Shares into which Slinlc-. the said Capital shall be divided shall be One thousand, and the Amount of each such Share shall be Ten Pounds. VIII. And be it enacted, That Five Pounds per Share sliall be the Calls. greatest Amount of any One Call which the Company may make on the Shareholders ; and Two Months at least shall intervene between the making of any Two successive Calls. IX. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Coinpany to Power tu borrow on Mortgage or Bond any Sums not exceeding in the whole ::EL' oll Three thousand three hundred and thirty-three Pounds, but no Part &Iortgage. of such Sum shall be borrowed until the whole of the said Capital of Ten thousand Pounds shall have been subscribed, and One Half' thereof :hll have been actually paid up. X. And be it enacted, That the Nuniber of the Directors of Numbtr Jllii the Coinpany shall be Kine, and the Qualification of a Director shall Qualificati~ of Dirt'Ctnrc be the Possession by liini in his own Right of Ten Shares in the said Undertaliing. XI. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Company, by hrtr cJ Vote of any General Meeting, to increase or reduce the Number of' alterS:lnwt Directors, provided that the increased Number do not exceed Thirteen, and that the reduced Number be not less than Five. SII. And be it enacted, That Thonius Bodton, Charles Dazuson, First UWC- tJo JUL Grifiia, Lieutenant John Keiaderdine, Clmrkes E dum rcl iMorgan, ms- C'ldes Chester fMort, George Sidney, Tlionaas Timer, and James Tiwnock shall be the first Directors of the Company. XIII. Arid be it enacted, That the Quorum of a Meeting of QuorLw ui Directors shall be Three. Director-, XIV. And be it enacted, That the Number of Directors of which Committtcs Committees appointed by the Directors shall consist shall not be less Of Directjrys* than Three, and the Quorum of such Committees shall be such as the Directors at the Time of appointing tlie said Committees respectively shall prescribe. XV. And be it enacted, That there shall be an annual Meeting of Annual the Company held at the Office of the Company in the Month of JuZy Meeting in every Pear, of which Ten Days Notice at least shall be given in some Newspaper published in the Co~inty of Xtuford. XVI. And be it enacted, That at all General Meetings of the Votes 01 holders. Company every Shareholder shall. have One Vote for every Share up Share- to Ten, and he shall have an additional Vote for every Five Shares beyond the first Ten Shares held by him up to One hundred, and an additional Vote for every Ten Shares held by him beyond the first Hundred Shares : Provided always, that no Shareholder shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting, unless he shall have paid all the Calls XVII, And then due upon the Shares he1d"by him. 2092 9" & 10" VICTORIA$ Cup. cxiv. Profits of XVII. And be it enacted, That the Profits of the Undertaking to thecompany be divided amongst the Proprietors of the Company shall not exceed 10 ,,er Cent. Ten Pounds per Centumper Annum in any One Year on the Amount paid in respect of each Share in the said Undertaking ; and in order to ascertain the Aniount of such Profits the Company shall cause a true and particular Account to be kept, and annually made up to the First Day of Jzdy or some other convenient Day in each Year, of all Monies received by them under the Authority of this Act, and of all Costs, Cha:ges, and Expences of and attending the Purchase, Construction, repairing, and maintaining of the Works hereby authorized, and of prufits carrying on the said Undertaking ; and if the clear Profits of the said ;nore than Undertaking, after Payment of all such Costs, Charges, and Expences, 1(Jper Cent. shall in any Year amount to a larger Sum than shall be sufficient to Excesstobe make Distribution among the Proprietors of the said Company of invested, and to form a Ten Poundsper Centum per Annuin on the Amount paid in respect contingent of' each Share as aforesaid, the Excess beyond the Sum which may be I1 d. necessary for the Purposes aforesaid shall from Time to Time be invested in Government or other Securities, and the Dividends and Interest arising from such Securities shall also be invested in the same or like Securities, in order that the same may accumulate at Compound Interest until the Fund so formed shall amount to the Sum of Four thousand Pounds, which Sum shall form a contingent or reserved Fund to answer any Deficiency which may at any Time happen in the Amount of divisible Profits of the said Company, or to meet any extraordinary Claim or Demand which may at any Time arise against the said Company. When Fund XVIII. And be it enacted, That when such Fund shall, by Accu- all'oullts to inulations or otherwise, amount to the Sum of Four thousand Pounds, 4,0001. In- terest to be the Interest and Dividends thereon shall no longer be invested, but shall applied to be applied to any of the general Purposes of the said Undertaking to general which the Profits of the said Company are applicable, and an Abstract of such Account, together with an Account of the said contingent Fund, shall be annually laid before the Justices assembled at the Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of XtnJbrd next after the Tinie of making up such Accounts: and be filed with the Clerk of the Peace of the...

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