Manchester Improvement Act 1844

Publication Date:January 01, 1844
Manchester Improvement Act 1844

(7 & 8 Vict.) c. xli

An Act for the Improvement of the Town of Manchester

[4th July 1844]

ANNO SI3TII110 & OCTAVO 1594 2 & 3 w. 4.. c. 36. 66-7W.P. c. 16. 7 TY. 4.. 6 1 Vict.c.112. 2 & 3,Vict. c. 2. 6 & '7 L'ict. c. 17. 7" & 8" VICTORIB,, Cap. xli. was passed in the Second Year of'the Reign of' His late Majesty King T~%llkii~i tlie Fourtli, intitriled An Act ,@r ~idexing mid ini1)rozVn.g a Part of Loudon 1to:id in the Parish of Itlniicliester mrl Couizty g- Lancaster, ~iid also for @ectz'rig I??ipror*cnieiits in the Streets mid other Places rc'itliiii the Toaw q/' Manchester : And whereas an Act was passed in the Sixth Year of'the Reign of' His late Majesty King tt.'iG liani the l'ourtli, iritituleci Aft Act to enlarge the Powers ?j'seceral Acts for fli ctii;,g Iniproaenients in the Streets aiid other Plcrces witlhi the Town of' Nancliestcr : Ancl whereas ai1 Act was passed in the First Year of' the Reigii of' Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, itititriled An Act Jh* encibling the Directors oj' the Manchester Gas Works to piircJime Luiid, Buikdiiig, aiid Apparatus ~ jbr the Ezteiision qf their M'orXs : Aiid whereas ail Act was passed in the Second Yvar of the Reign of' Her present Majest)r Queen Victoria, intituled AI^ Act ji~r @?ctiiig' I?,ij)~.o~e??ieiits~ iii the $%.eets mid other Plnces wz?hz'?i mid CO??- tig iioi(s tu tJre 2'owi clf' Manchester : And whereas the Comiiiissioiiers acting itrider tlie stid recited Acts, so fir as the same related to the Towii of' ,?llancJiester, were iiicorporatcd uiider the Name of '6 The Coiiiinissioners fbr cleausing, lighting, watching, and reguiating the Tow of' i13iiizcJicster," and the Powers conferred by tlie said Acts \\ere :iccording to tlie l'rovisious thereof' authorized to be exercised am1 carriel1 iiito effkct by the said Coininissioiiers and by a 13oarcl of' Directors of' the ~lfcriichcstei~ Gas Works appointed by ancl out of' the geiicral Botlj of' tlie said Comimissioiiers, aiid also by a Conrinittee of' the said Coiiiiiiissioiiers, styled the Iinproveiiieiit Coininittee, and ui1der tlic Provisions of' tlic said Acts or some of' tliein ccrtain Ited aiitl I'crsoiial Estates were vested iii and belonging to the saitt Coni- niissioners : .2iid whereas Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, by tile Advice of' Her 1'1 ivy Couiicil, by certain Letters Patent rliider the Great Seal of' the United Kingcioin of' Gretrt Britaiii ant1 Irelnid, beariiig Date the 'lwciity-eighth Lhy of Octobcr One thoiis:~nd eight hrintlixxl antl tliirty-c.iglit, gixiitecl that the Inliabitaiits of the l3oroiigh of' ,lIuiic?~ester, rcsideiit witliiii the District comprised within the Bound aiks of' tlie 'row nships of Mmclmter, Clrorlton-z~poii-~~~~~Z~ocX-, Hufmc, Ard~ckX~, Beszt~ick, arid Cheethunz in the Couii ty l'alatine of J,rmx.vter, aiici thcir SIICCCSSOI*S, sliould be for ever thereafter a Ihdy I'olitic aiid Cotyorate in lleed, Fact, antl Name ; and that the said Body Corporate should \)e called " The Mayor, Aldermen, aiid Bur- ge&es of the Boiorigli of' AlmcJiester iii the Couiity of' Laizcaster," aiid sliould iia~ e pei.petual Succc~ssiori aiitl :t Com~iioii Seal, aiid should bc goverriccl 1))' ;I Council to be elected in the Manner tliereiii nieti- tionctl : Aiitl wliereas an Act was passed in the Sixth Year of' the Iteign of' Her Bfajesty Queeii T'ictoi*ia, intituled An Act sur traizsjEr- ?*i?ig to lJie ..i.M((yo?*, Alderiw?i, mid Burgesses of'the Boroug JL oJ' Mai~- chestcs c~rt([in l'o'-ie'ers mid Properties nom vested iii the Coniniissioiiers fur cleansiq , fighting, rkxtcJ&g, 071d regidati?ig the Town (If' Mali- chester, wli(~by it \$ as enacted, tliat on and after the Twenty-fourth Day of' Jw~e theii next the respective Powers and Duties of the Coni- niissioiiers for cleansing, atcliiiig, lighting, and regulating tlie Town of ,II(~~lie.stei*, and of' tlic' Gas Directors and Improvement (:ominittee undcr the said bef'ore-recited 14cts or any of them, sliould cease aiid determine ; aiid it was fui tlier enacted, that the respective Powel 5, Provisions, aud Dircctioiis contained in the said several bef'ore-rccited Acts 7" & S'JVICTORIIE, Cup. sli Acts for or in relation to the Election, Appointtiwit, and Qualification of' the said Commissioners, Gas Directors, and Improvetnent, Coni- mittee, and for the Regnlatioii of' the Meetings of' the said respective Bodies, and of' the Proceedings thereat, should bc and the same were thereby repealed as to the Operation and I'fect thcreol.' after the Twenty-fonrth Day of' ,Jme One thoiisand eight lirlndiwl atid fbrty- three ; and it was further enacted, tliat after the snit1 'hentJr-fodl Day of ,June snch of' the said I'owcrs, Authorities, and Privileges, nnd the ILii$t and Obligation to carry into efect such of' t,lie l'rovisioiis respectively contained in the said he fore-recited Acts as ~ere tlien in force, and were vested in, or iniglit if that Act liad not been p;issd have been esercised, enforced, or carried into efect by, t,lie said Coni- missioners, Gas Directors, atid Improvement Committee respectively, or any or either of those several I2odies, either alone or witli tlie Con- currence of' nny others or othei. of' them, or in or by :my particillal. or specified Niiinber, or in or by any of' tlie individu;il Members fbr the Time being of tlie same Bodies or Body respectively, (save only ant\ except such of' the afbresaid Powers, Authorities, Privileges, :tnd Provisions as were thereby repealed,) should be and the same \vci'c thereby transferred unto a11d vested in tlie Mayor, Aldernien, ancl Burgesses of' the J3orough of ,'llunc?/ester, discliarged froin ;my Con- ditio~~ or Provision for the Consent, Cotltrol, Sriperititendence, Ilirec- tioii, Request, or Ilecom~i~enc~atioii of ar1y other of' tlle same Bodies respectively ; and it was by the said Act furthcr cilacted, tliat the said Powers, Authorities, Privileges, and Provisions therein-befbrc tr:tiis- ferred unto or vested in the said Mayor, Aldermen, and Ihii-gessec" should be fi.oni Time to 'I'ime exercised antl carried into effect bv means of the Town Council of the snitl Bororigll, or any Committee 6r Committees, wlio fium 'rime to Tiiuc, and fbr such 'I'ime as shoriltl i)c thought fit, sliorild be :ippoititecI by such (huncil, and in the smile Manner and with the Benetit. of' ancl subject to tlie same Powers, Autliorit.ies, Rules, llegrilations, :iutl l'rovisions as tlie general 13usiness of'the said Horough should or ouglit to be frotn Time to 'I'iine carried on and condricted, but the Expences of' aud incichtal to the s;inic should be ciefiayed out of' tlie respective I'uncls by the said sever:\l Acts niade subject thereto, :ind not orit ot'tlie Borough Friiid ; and by the said Act it was fiirllier enacted, that after tile sald 'I'wertty-fburth Day of June all the Messriaqes, 12uildings, Gas and other Works, aiid H ered i tame n ts of w 11 atsoe ve r 'Tell I 1 re or l csc rip ti 01 I, w h i c 11 s 11 o ; I I d then belong to or be vested in the said Commissioners for all or any of' the Purposes of' the said recited Acts, atid also all the Monies, Bonds, Covenants, Debts, Liabilities, Deeds, Rooks, \\'ritings, Maps, Plans, and Personal Estate whatsoever, which s11o11ld then belong t:) or be vested in the said Commissioners, aiid the said Gas 11irectoi.s and Improvement Committee respectively, sllould be and the same were tliereby vestetl in the said Mayor, Aldermen, antl 12urgesses for the like respective Estates, Rights, Interests, and Purposes, and in iike Manner as the mine respectively would Iiave reniained or bee:] so vested iii or would have belonged to the said Commissioners, Gas Directors, and Improvement Coininittee respectively if the said Act had not been passed ; and that fiom and ah the said 'Twenty-hurt11 Uay of' June all Bonds, Debts, Monies, arid Securities which bcfbre the passing of' the said Act were given, contracted, atid payable by the 1596 7' & 8" VICTORIX, Cap. sli. the said Commissioners sltorild, together with all Interest diic or to accrue clue tliereoii, be paid by the said hIayor, 441tlermen, and Bur- gesses acting as aforesaid out of tlie Properties, Monies, ancl Rents thereby traiisfkrrcd to :illcl vested in or authorized to be received by t~iem, Iinc1 sIioLiId ~iaw the same Priority as tiearly as Circumstances would :idinit, and shoritti be recol ercd fioin tliein in liLc Manner, m/(tcrtis wutu)Jdis, as the sanie could Itave been recovered f'ron; the said Coinmissioners prc\ iotis to the passiiig of' the said Act : Ancl whereas tlie saicl secondly :ind tliirdly recited Acts coittnin certain Po we 1`s and A I i tho r i t i e s c n ;I bl i ti g t 11 e CO 111 111 i ss i on e rs f br clean si ti g, IigIitii\g, \vatcIiiiig, ancl regdating the `l'own of JIor,zche,\tcr, and the 6` I~npro~~emcnt Co~iiniittee,'~ to lnalic Inipi.ovements in the Streets of` the `I'ownship of' JIa?drestw, by wirletiing, opening, or alteriiig the same, and other\vise as expressed in sucli Acts, the Costs, Cliarges, and Espciices of' sitcli Improvcmeiits to be dcfi.nyeci by and out of' the surplus and other Monies wliich the Directors actiiig in execution of` tlie said first-recited Act should, subseq~iently to the said tliirdlv- recited .Act, pay over to tlie said Coininissioiiet~s pursuant to tlie sic1 secondly and tliirdy recited Acts : And wlicrcas, by virtue :ind in exercise of' tile said l'owc1i.s ;in11 Airtlioritics, many Improvements liave already beeit effected in tlic said `l'onnsliip of`ilIanc/resler.: And whercas it is expedient that iiiany of' tlie Streets, Thoroughf'arcs, and other Places witliin thc Townsliip of` Mmc/m~er should be widelied, and other Improvements efkctetl tlierein : Ailcl wltereas soiiic of` tlie Provisions in the said herein-beforc recited Acts coiitainetl, so fltr as they relate to the said `I'0wnshiy of' i71~i~~clreste~~, liave been fbund to be in some respects dekctiw, and in other Jnstances...

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