Worthing and West Grinstead Park Road Act 1802

Publication Date:January 01, 1802
Worthing and West Grinstead Park Road Act 1802

(42 Geo. 3) c. lxii

An Act for amending, widening, improving, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading from Worthing, in the Parish of Broadwater in the County of Sussex, by Findon, Washington Hill, Rock, and Ashington Common, to Dial Post, and from thence, by Nep Castle and Baybridge Lane, to the Steyning Turnpike at West Grinsted Park in the said County

[24 May 1802]

ANNO QUADRAGESIMO SECUNDO GEORGII III. REGIS. #***$$**$***$*$*#$**^^ Cap. 62. An Aft for amending, widening, improving, and keeping in Repair* the Road leading from Worth-* ingy in the P^rifh of Broadwater in the County of SuJJeXy by Findon^ Wafiington HiIIy Rock, and Ajhington. Common y. to Dial Poft and from * thence, by Nep Cajile and Bay bridge Lane, to the Steyning Turnpike at Wefl Grin fled Park in the faid County* [24th May 1802.] W HEREAS the Road leading from the Town of'Worthing, in the Parifh of Broadwater in the County of Sujfex, by Findon, Wajh- in%ton HHU Rock, and Ajhington Common, to DialPoft, and from thence, by Nep Cajile and Baybridge Lane, to the Steyning Turnpike at Weji Grinjiead Parkin the faid County, is very much out of Repair, nar row, and incommodious, and cannot be properly amended, widened, im* proved, and kept in Repair, by the ordinary Courfe of Law: M&y it tnerefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be ena£ted ; and be it ena£ted by the King's moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Con* fent of the Lords'Spirituai and Temporal, ami" Commons, in this prefent [Loc."(£ Per.] n ^ Parliament 982 Other TrufV tees to be cho-fen on the Death or Re-fufal to act. Qualification of Truftees. 42 GEORGII III. Cap. 62. Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That Sir Cecil Bifshopp Baronet, Sir Charles Merrick Barrett Baronet, Walter Burrell, Edward Barker, William Borrer, Cecil Bifshop, Thomas Bujhby, Charles Coppard) John Croft, John Gratwick Challen Clerk, Roger Cluff Clerk, John Dennetts Barnard- Dickerfpn, Thomas Drewett,, James Dixon, Daw/on, William. Frwklatfd Caleb Fkuher, Charles Goring of Wifton, Charles Goring of li'tgh^on, Charles Goring of Rowdell, Charles Groome- of Nenybam, Thomas Groome of the fame Place,. William Gill, fFilljaffl. Gratwick, Thomas Hatch Clerk, George Henty^ Thomas Henty, MfiUiam, Heatk* Thomas Holmes , Robert Hurft, John Jeffery, Ifaac Jeffery, John James, James Martin Lloyd, Charles Lamb, John Lyall* Henry Lane, John Metca/f DoQioy in Divinity, William Margejfon, John Markwick, John Markwick junior, Thomas Charles Medwin, Richard Milles Clerk, John Newland, Richard Newland of Tortington, Edward Ogle, George^ Qlliper^ James .Pepjoljl, Hugh Pinfold of: Wickham, Hugh Pen/old the younger, of the fame Place, Hugh P enfdd oiWiggenholt s Peter Pen/old, John Pen/old, Edward Philips Clerk, George Porter, Caleb Rick-man, John Rice, Thomas Raw/on, Byjhe Shelley, Timothy Shelley, William Street, Charles Stanhope, John Woodward Clerk, Peter JVood Clerk, Henry Warren Qktl% RichardWalker, Thomas Wittingtm, and their Suc-ceffors, to^ be* ele&e4/ in Manner, herein-after mentioned, fhall be, and they are hereby appointed, Truftees for amending, widening, improving, and keeping in Repair the faid Road, and for otherwife putting this Aft in Execution. IIt And be it further. ena&ed, Thkt when any of-the Truftees herein^ before named, or to be elefted as herein-after mentioned, (hall die or re-fufe to aft* or be difqualified, it fhall be lawful for the furviving or remaining Truftees, or any Five or more of them, by Writing under their Hands, to eleft and appoint One other Perfon in the Roojn of every Truftee fo dying or refuting to aft, or becoming difqualified ; but Notice of the Time and Place of Meeting for every fuch Eleftion fhall be given by the Clerk to the faid,Truftees j by kffixing. the fame in Writing upon all the Turnpike Ga^es/which by virtue of this Ad fhall be then erefted and fet up? atkl\ by^AxIvertifemejit in- thte Lewes Journal^ or fome other Newfpaper printed: or-circulated in the faid County, at le^ft Ten Hays before every fach Meetings andevery Perfon who. fhall be fo eltfted and appointed, is hereby vefted wkh% the fame Pdwemand Authorities for putting, this Aft in J^e$i:tj0i%k as.£ny,Tjruftee hereby-appointed is vefted with. JH, Provided 'always; and be.it http://be.it jurther enafted, That no Perfon;fhaIl be captable^of lafting as a Truftee in the Execution of this Aft} while he hold^ .any,Placevof Profit under the fame, nor in any particular Cafe wherein he fhall be personally interefted, other than as a Creditor ; nor ftiall any Peffon be qualified* to aft as a Truftee, unlefs, he fhall at the Time, ofhis acting be,in his own Right or in the Right of his Wife^ in the aftual Ppffeffioii a^d Enjoyment.or Receipt of theRentsand Profits of Lands, Tenetnents, .or Hereditaments^ of the clear yearly 1 Valuer of Fifty Pounds, above- Reprizes,, or fhall be. poffefled of - an, Annuity^ of Fifty Pounds a Year, iffuing.out of Lands, Tenements* or Hereditaments* or fhall,be Heir Apparent of aPerfon having fuch Eftate of the clear yearly Valiae of One hundred Pounds, or be poffelfed of a Perfonal Eftate to the Amount of Eight hundred Pounds, nor untilhe fhall have .taken and ftaW fciribed before any Two or more of the faid Truftees^ who. are hereby 4 authorized 42 GEORGII III. Cap. 62. 983 authorised t6* ad minifter thte fante* an Oathj in tHe Wbrds or to the-Efr {tSt following;; thatistto fay; Oath. receipt *,J tftriitentsi of the clear yearly^Vaiue of Fifty, Pounds above Reprizes [or9 iam* poffeffcd* of an Annuity, of Fifty Pounds, a Year, iffuingJout of ''UafrdV, Tenements,,or*Hereditaments;, or . am poffeffed'of or entitled ^tba-PerfonarEftate'of'the^Value of Eight hundred Pounds after all my Cr Debts ate paid ; ?r, am the Heir Apparentrof A* B.^. who, to-thebeft of * my' Knowledge, is feifed' of a Real. Eftate/ of Lands, Tenements*, or? ** Hereditaments," Hoftbfe clear,yearly Value ofOne*hundred Pounds]^ So help, me GOD.' on And* if any Perfon difqy alified by I any; of'the^Caufes af6refaid, or not being Pe?alt?'! qualified 'as afcrefaid, fhaWaieverthelefs prefiime to afts contrary t6 the true* quaulcd.110 Intent and'Meanings of this Aftj every fuch Perfon fliall for.every' fiich! Offence forfeit and .'pay the Sum of Fifty Pounds to any Perfon or'Perfons-who fhall inform or fuefornhefime- to:bfc recovered in any of His Ma. jeftyVGourts of ^Record atWe/imm^ier;,by ^A&ion of Debt, or on the CafeJ or byBill, Plaint} Suit; onlnfermation, .wherein*no ^Effoign, Pro£eftion? or Wag^r^of Law, nor more^th&n £) ne Imparlance1 fhall be allowed ; and the Perfon fo.. profecutedfhall'provenhat :heus fo qualified*, or'otherwife fhall pay .the faick Penalty $ without anyother'Proof or Evidenfce* on* th'e'Part of the Brofecution, than-that fuchJRerfon hath' afted as a Tlruftee' in tfrfe Exe-cutio&of this Aft*: Provided, neveriheiefs^ that fuch A6 s and Proceedings -as fhall have.been tdom'e;and:perforrned*by anyfueh Perfon, touching therExeeutionof this Aft, tpjeviousvto* his bfcing*conVifted-of thle Offence before'tnentioned, fhall; notwithftandingfliidvGonviftiort, be as valid:and effectual as if fuch Perfon had been qualified* according to the "Directions of,this, A&uProvided always-, that' any Mortgagee-or Affignee^of any, Mortgagees Mortgage or other Security, or'any.Lender of Mohey upon the'Credit- of may adh the Tolls granted by this- Aft, or receiving Intereft thereout for the fame, fhall not on? that- Accduat-be deemed 'unqualified to aft as a Trufteein the Execution of this Aft# IVs And be^ItfuirthertenaftedV.Xhat.thefaJdrTTuftees may fue and be TrufteVs may fued'iniheName'of their Clerk'for the Time'befog5; and that no Aftion fte and be or Suit-fhall.be;brough't orcommeTOed'.by.or againftthe^faid Truftees, or Nameoftheir any of them, by.virtue.of this Aft,-.in.the*N&me of their Cldrk;fhJalliabate* Clerk, or^be*' difcontinued by*. the^Death or 'Removal of fuch' Clerk*, or by the Aft of fuch Clerk$ Jwith'ou& the Confent of the faM Truftees; or any Five or more of them ; but that the Clerk for the Time being to the fai'd Truf-tees fhall always be deemed the Plaintiff or Defendant in fuch Aftion or Suit? aathe Cafe* may be: .Provided always, that every fuch Clerk fhall be reimburfed out of the Moniesto fce- received by virtue"of this Aft, all fuch Cods,- Charges* or Expences,- as he ffijiH-bfe put unto or become,-chargeable-' with v by reafon'of-his-being fo- mad i a' Plaintiff or Defendant. V. And* be it furtherenaftedv-ThktthbfaidTruftees; or any.Five or TmfteesFirft more of them, fhall meeMogether at:the Houfe^of William'Br own^ known MetinS by the Name or Sign; oivThe Cheque?, an tSteynihg in tire' County of "Siijex aforefaid, 984 420 GE0RGII III. Cap. 62. aforefaid, on the Second Monday next after the paffingof this Aft* or as foon after as conveniently may be, and proceed to the Execution of this Aft, and ftull then and from Time to Time after adjourn themfelves to meet at fuch Time and at fuch Place or Places near the faid Road as they lhall think proper; and that Two Truftees prefent at any Meeting fliall be fufficient for the Purpofe of adjourning; and that if ac any Meeting there fhall not appear a fufficient Number of Truftees to aft or to adjourn to another Day, or in cafe the Truftees at any Time aflembled fhall not adjourn themfelves, then and in every fuch Cafe the Clerk to the faid Truftees fhall adjourn the Meeting to the Place where the laft Meeting was appointed to have been held, or was held, as the Cafe may be, and to fuch Time as he fhall think, fit, not exceeding Twenty-one nor lefe than Ten Days from the Time of the laft Default, and fhall thereof give Notice by Writing affixed on all the Turnpikes then erefted by virtue of this Aft; and in cafe no Adjournment, Notice, or Appointment fhall be made of given as aforefaid, then it fliall be lawful for any Five of the faid Truftees to caufe Notice in Writing to...

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