Weald of Kent Canal Act 1812

Publication Date:January 01, 1812
Weald of Kent Canal Act 1812

(52 Geo. 3) c. lxx

An Act for making and maintaining a Navigable Canal from the River Medway, near Brandbridges in the Parish of East Peckham in the County of Kent, to extend to and unite with the Royal Military Canal in the Parish of Appledore in the said County; and also certain Navigable Branches and Railways from the said intended Canal.

[5th May 1812]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO SECUNDO III. REGIS. Cap. 70. An A& for making and maintaining a Navigable Canal from the River Medway, near Brandbridges in the Pariih of Majl Peckham in the County of Kent, to extend to and unite with the Royal Military Canal in the Parifh of Appledore in the faicl' County; and alfo certain Navigable ;Branches and Railways from the faid intended Canal. [5th May 181.2.] W HEREAS the makingand maintaining a Navigable Canal (with Banns and Refervoirs) for the Paffage of Boats, Barges, and other Veffels from and out of the River Medway., near Brand- bridges in the Parifh of Eaji Peckham in the County of Kent, to extend to and unite with the Royal Military Canal in the Parifh of Appledore in the faid County* and alfo the Navigable Branches and Railways herein after defcribed, from the faid intended Canal, will open an eafy and com modious Communication, not only between the feveral Towns, Pariflies, Diftrifts, and Places, through or near to which, the faid intended Naviga tion will pafs, but alfo between, thofe Places and the Ports of London and" .Rye, the Towns of Tonbridge^MaidJlone, Rochejler, Chatham^ and Grave/* end, and the Arfenals and Dock Yaids at Chatham, PFoolwich^ and DepU ford \ whereby the -Conveyance of Coals, Timber, Sea Beach, Chalk, Xime, Manure, Goods, Wares, Stores, and Merchandize, to and from* [Loc, %f Per-1 16 R thofe 1446 SaGEORGII III. Cap.70. thofe Places, and alfo to and from divers other Towns, Parishes, Diflri&s, and Places within the Counties of Kent and Suffex, will be greatly faci litated and rendered ffllph lefs expehfive, and the Cultivation and Im provement q| the ad|ae$at Country cqnfiderakly promoted* and will in many olhtr R^fpe% % 0| great ptiblk Advantage and Utility: And wherea^lrfe federal PeHbns heran-afe natiled being willing and defirous, at their Np# Cofts'iaild Charges, to niafee and maintain fuch Canal Brandies md Rai*^ysv mi the Basins, ilefervoir% and other Works requifite fbr the Purpofes afor^ud;-the Commiffioners appointed by an Aft made in the Forty-feventh Year of His prefent Majefty, intituled An Aft for maintaining and preferving a Military Canal and Road from Shorn- cliS in the County of Kent, to Cliffend in the County of Suffex, and for re gulating t$era$^6fj0^ have, tor the promoting and more fpeedily effecting the faid intended Canal Navigation, confented and .agreed that fuch Canal fliall, in the Direction thereof towards Rye afore- faid, terminate in and unite with the Royal Military Canal in the faid Paiifh |f A^ppledore, ^herein-after if mentioned : May it therefore pkafe Yo0t Mfajeity that, it i^ay be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's ntoft "Excellent Majefty, by and"with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament aflembled, Proprietors, .and by the Authority of the fame, That Thomas Adams, Reverend John Auflen, Jatyi^^m^ Hicks Boor- man, William Belcher, P. Boghurft, William Bufs, W. W. Bentham, George Buck, the Right Honourable John Jeffries Earl Camden, IjaacCloake, William Coleman, Mawer Cowtan, liichard Curteis, Henry Creed, George Carter, F. H. Douce, Jofeph Dobelf, Samu&f D obeli, Richard Willett De Courcy, William Edwards?, Elizabeth Ellis, Samuel Ejpenett, Reverend David Evans9 Wilfiam fowte, r{3ir fP'Hlmdi GMty Bafonet, JohMhah Gilleti, Jdmes* GreUier and Company, William Gdfkell, Thomas Law Uodges, John Henry, Chaxles Honyfet, 'William Haffenden, Charles Haffenden-, Thomas Hajfen* den, John Hunter, SmnmlHUly Richard Hill, R. /. Hart, Sir Walter James James^ Baronet,, WiMianiJkmifieUjuniorV Reverend Theophijm Jones, Thomas Jarnx^s, fames Ivatu, Wil.liaiH Knatt%, John Larking, Thomas. Lediard, Sdmikl:£itieker, Benjamtti Munn; Abbetr Mafcall, Robert Mafon, Richard MmniyWilfymi Mkum, 'jfchn MMt, Mace and Comply; %M. Matthews, William Alexander fyHorjand, Catharine Marriott% TlmUas QUi^e, Jqmes Oitaway, Samuel Oyler, Sir Charles Price Baronet, ^William Fofler Pigott D, D. George1 Phmer, Reverend Richard Cooke Tylden Pattenfon, William Palmer junior, John Plumptre, George Pricketi, Thomas Nelfon Pickerings the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Romney, Thomas Scott Redford, Reverend John Cramer Roberts, William Randall, John Reader, Samuel Reader, John Read, Thomas Rider, James Alexander Randall, Stratford Robin/on, Jo}m Springett, John Scudamore, John Scott, Samuel Shaw, Dame Rebecca Twifden, Nicolas Roundel Toke, Stephen Tournay, John Tournay^ William Tooth, John Maxwell Tylden, William Titford, Richard Titford^ Edward Finfer, Thomas Waif on, John Amhurfi Walter, Stephen Walter, James Walter, Edward Wood, John Charles Woolley, Edward Winfer fenior, Robert Watts, John Wilmhurjl junior, William Waterman junior, George Wilmhurft, Henry Wright, Samuel Waters, and Robert Wilmott; together with fuch other Perfon or Perfons, Body or Bodies Politic, Corporate^ or Collegiate, and their feveral and refpe&ive Succeflbrs, Executors, Ad-miniitrattrs, and Afligns, who -fliall at any Time hereafter be pofiefled of One or more Share or Shares in the navigation hereby authorized to be 3a-GE0RGII III. Cap.jo. 1447 be made, are and fhall be and they are hereby accordingly, united into, a Company for the carrying on, making, completing^ and maintaining the United into a faid intended Navigable Ca^al Branches, and Railways, and the Works Company. hereby authorized to be made, according to. the Rules, Orders, and Di* ;reftions herein-after contained and exprefled; .and for that Purpofe are and fhall be one Body Politic and Corporate, by the Name and Style of \The Company of Proprietors of the Weald, of Kent Capal, and by that Tkeir Style-Name fhall Have perpetual Succeflion and a Common Seal, and by that 'Name 'fhall and may fue and be fued, and (hall alfo have full Power and Authority to purchafe Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to them, ^heir Succeffors and Affigns, for the Ufe of the faid Undertaking, and the -feveral Works hereby authorized to be mad?, without ipciar/ing apy P^ ?the Penalties or Forfeitures of the Statutes of Mortmain,, II. And be it further enacted, That it fhqll and may be lawful tq and Compaq foi: the faid Company of Proprietors, and they, are hereby fully autho* empowered sized, and empowered, by themfelves, their Deputies, Agents, Officers, ^anaf^&l^ "Workmen, and Servants, by Cuts, Tunnels, or 5otherwise, to make, complete, and maintain a Cang.1 navigable, for Boa|s, Barges^ and other VefTels from and out of the River Medway^ near a certain Place called Brandbridges in the Parifh of Eq/i Peckham in the faid Cpunty of Kent, into and through the feveralParifhes, Townfhips, Hamlets, or Places of Eafi feckham^ Talding^ettlejled^ Brenchley^HorfnondenyGou^hurfl^Marden^t^ flehurft, Cranbrook) Frittenden Biddenden, Streud-QuarterrHalden^ Middle [Quarter i Tenter den. Ebony, mdiJppledore in the fajd County of Kent \ to extend to and unite with the Royal Military Canal, in, th,e (aid Parifh oi4pple-Mre, fo as that fuch Canal may flow into and form a jun&ion with the Royal Military Canal at a Place diftant from Appledqre Bridge to the 3outhwar$ about Thirty-five Chains, and from tl\e Old Knock Channel to the Northward about Fourteen Chains, to be meafured on the Military Road :behind the Rampart of the faid Royal Military Canal; apd alio to make, complete, and maintain a Cut or collateral Branch for the.Navigation qjc Boats, Barges, and other Veffels from qr out of the faid intended Canal, at or near Middle-Quarter aforefaid in the Parifh of Halden aforefaid, through or into the feveralParifhes, Townfhips, or Places of Halden, Betherjden IWood-church, Shadoxburfl, Great Chart, Kingfnorth^A(hford,Willefbqmugh,HinM alias Hinkfell) Blackwall, and V\[ye in the faid County of Kent rto extend to or near to certain Chalk Hills in the Parifh of Wye aforefaid ; and alfo to make, complete, and maintain One or more Rajlway or Tramroad, pr Railways or Tramroads from the faid laft-mentjoned Navigable Cut or collateral Branch in the faid Parifh of Wye, through or into the feveral Parifhes of Wye aforefaid and Brook in the faid County of Kent, to extend to and communicate with the faid Chalk Hills in the faid Parifh of Wye \ and likewife to' make, complete, and maintain one other Cut or collateral 3ranch navigable for Boats, Barges, and other Veffels from and out of the faid intended Canal in the Parifh oiGoudhurJi aforefaid, through or into the fame Parifh, to extend to the Turnpike Road leading from Gaud* hurji aforefaid to or near to 3. certain Mill called Hope Mill in the laid Parifh of Goudhurfi, and to fupply the faid intended Canal and collateral Cuts or Branches refpe&ively, whilft the fame fhall be making, and at all Times fqr ever after the fame fhall be made, with Water from all fuch Rivers, Brooks, Springs, Streams, Rivulets, Waters, and Water-xourfes as fhall flow or i e fpuud in digging or making the faid intended Canal I44& S2GrEORGII IIL Cap.70. Canal and collateral Cuts or Branches refpeftively, or within the Diftance of Two thoufand Yards from any Part of the faid intended Canal and Cuts or Branches refpeftively, or either of them, or any Refervoir or Refervoirs which fhall belong thereto; and alfo to dig, make, finifh, and ?complete the feveral Refervoirs, Bafins, or Repofitories for fupplying -with Water the faid Canal and collateral Cuts or Branches refpeftively, or any Mill which may be effefted in confequence of this Aft, as are next herein refpeftively mentioned or referred unto ; (that is to fay), the Refervoir and Feeder for fupplying Water to the faid Canal in the...

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