Wakefield Borough Market Act 1847

Publication Date:January 01, 1847
Wakefield Borough Market Act 1847

(10 & 11 Vict.) c. xlix

An Act for establishing a Market and Market Place in the Town and Borough of Wakefield.

[21st June 1847]

ANNO DECIMO & UNDECIMO VICTORLE REGIN.E a************************************************** Cap.xlix. An Act for establishing a Market and Market Place in the Town and Borough of Wakefield. [21st June 1847.] w HERE AS the Establishment of a Market, with One or more convenient Market Place or Market Places, together with One or more Slaughter-house or Slaughter-houses and Act. Weighing Machines, with all proper Conveniences and Approaches thereto, within the Town and Borough of 'Wakefield, would be of great Benefit and Advantage to the Inhabitants of the said Town and Borough and Neighbourhood thereof: And whereas the several Persons herein-after named, with others, have formed themselves into a Company for the Purposes aforesaid; but the same cannot be effected without the Aid and Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the 8 & 9 Vict. several Acts of Parliament following, (that is to say,) "The Com- cc. 16.& 18. panies Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845," " The Lands Clauses Con- ^cVc**1 solidation Act, 1845," and " The Markets and Fairs Clauses Consoli- incorporated dation Act, 1847/' shall be incorporated with and form Part of this with this Act, except so far as the same may be hereby altered or varied. [Local.] 7 E II. And 570 10 & 11 VICTORIA, CapMix. Quarter Ses- II. And be it enacted, That the Expression " Quarter Sessions " in sions. this and the said incorporated Acts shall be construed to mean the Quarter Sessions for the West Riding of the County of York. Short Title. in. And be it enacted, That in citing this Act in other Acts of Parliament, and in legal Instruments, it shall be sufficient to use the Expression Wakefield Subscribers incorporated. Holdsworth* William Marsden Wood, James Micklethwaite, William Brooke Naylor John Wood, Joseph Sykes, and William Wood Glover, and all other Persons and Corporations who have already subscribed or shall hereafter subscribe to the Undertaking, and their Executors, Administrators, Successors, or Assigns respectively, shall be united into a Company for the Purpose of making and maintaining One or more Market Place Market Wakefield proper Conveniences belonging thereto, according to the Provisions of the said recited Acts and of this Act, and for other the Purposes herein and in the said recited Acts contained; and for the Purposes aforesaid such Company shall be incorporated by the Name of " The Wakefield Borough Market Company," and by that Name shall be a Body Corporate, with perpetual Succession, and shall have Power to purchase and hold Land for the Purposes of the Undertaking, within the Restrictions herein and in the recited Acts contained. Capital. V. And be it enacted, That the Capital of the Company shall be Twelve thousand Pounds. Number and Amount of Shares. VI. And be it enacted, That the Number of Shares into which the Capital shall be divided shall be One thousand two hundred, and the Amount of each Share shall be Ten Pounds. Calls. Power to borrow Money on Mortgage or Bond. As to the Appointment of'aUeceiver. VII. And be it enacted, That Two Pounds Ten Shillings per Share shall be the greatest Amount of any One Call which the Company may make on the Shareholders, and Eve Pounds of the Amount of a Share shall be the utmost aggregate Amount of Calls that may be made in any One Year upon any Share, and Three Months at the least shall be the Interval between successive Calls. VIII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Company to borrow on Mortgage or Bond any Sums not exceeding Four thou sand Pounds; but no Part of such Sum shall be borrowed until the whole of the said Capital or Sum of Twelve thousand Pounds shall have been subscribed for, and One Half thereof shall have been actually paid up. IX. And be it enacted, That the Amount of Debt necessary to enable any Mortgagee of the said Company to require the Appoint ment of a Receiver shall not be less than Five hundred Pounds. X. And 10 & 11 VICTORIA, CVxlix. 571 X. And be it enacted, That the Number of Directors shall not be Number and less than Five nor more than Twelve; and the Qualification of a Director Qualification shall be the Possession in his own Right of not less than Five Shares * Direc£ors' in the Undertaking. XL And be it enacted, That Joseph Holdsworth, William Teatt, First Direc-Henry Illingworth^ Charles Dunbar Atkinson^ William Wood, and tors. William Brooke Naylor shall be the first Directors of the Company, and shall remain in Office until the first Ordinary Meeting to be held in the Year next after the passing of thif Act, XII. And be it enacted, That the Quorum of a Meeting of Directors Quorum of shall be Three. Directors. And be it enacted, That the Number of Directors of which Committees Committees appointed by the Directors shall consist shall not be less of Erectors. than Three, and the Quorum of such Committees shall be Three: Provided always, that no such Committee shall make any Call. And be it enacted, That the Directors shall make and produce Directors to the Shareholders at every Ordinary Meeting a general Report in t0 make Writing of the State and Prospects of the Company ; and such afp^0 Report, in addition to any other Particulars which the Directors may Sharehold-think desirable, shall contain all such Particulars as may be required ers. for the complete Explanation of the Balance Sheet to be produced at such Meeting. XV. And be it enacted, That the Limits within which this and the Limits of the said incorporated Act shall be put in force shall be as follows.; Act* that is to say, within the Parliamentary Borough of Wakefield. XVI. And be it enacted, That the Newspapers in which Advertise- Newspapers ments relating to the Affairs of the Company are to be inserted shall for Insertion be some Newspaper published and circulating in the West Riding of tjsements, the County of York. XVII. And be it enacted, That, subject to the Provisions in this Power to and the said incorporated Acts contained, the said Company, upon the j the Lands described in Schedule (A.) to this Act annexed, and any other Lands which they may purchase, by Agreement or otherwise, may construct a Market Place, with all necessary Buildings and Works, for the Sale of such Commodities as are usually sold in Markets or Fairs, and also a Market Place for the Sale of Horses and Cattle, and enter upon and take and use such of the said Lands as shall be necessary for such Purpose, XVIII. And be it enacted, That the Lands to be taken or appro- Lands for ex- priated by the Company for extraordinary Purposes shall not exceed ^ordinary- Twenty Acres. urposes. XIX. And be it enacted, That the Market Place shall be com- Period for pleted within Five Years after the passing of the Act, and on the Cpleutlon Expiration of such Period the Powers by this Act, and the said Acts incorporated 572 Power to Slaughter houses. Penalty for slaughtering elsewhere after Notice. Justices to decide whether sufficient Slaughterhouses. 10 & 11 VICTORIA, Cap.xlix. incorporated herewith, given to the said Mayor for constructing the Market Place, shall cease to be exercised, except as to so much of the Market Place as shall be then completed. XX. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Company to provide such Slaughter-houses as shall from Time to Time be suffi cient for the slaughtering Cattle for the Supply of the said Borough and the Neighbourhood thereof. XXI. And whereas it ha?P been the Practice to slaughter in the said Town of Wakefield in Sheds or Shops open to the public Streets, and such Practice has been productive of serious and offensive Nui sances ; be it enacted, That after the Expiration of Twenty-one Days from the Publication and Posting of the Notice that the said Slaughter houses are ready for public Use, by this or the said incorporated Acts required, no Person shall slaughter or dress any Cattle, Beast, Sheep, or Swine for Sale in any Place within the said Town and Borough of Wakefield, other than in One of the said Slaughter-houses provided by the Company ; and if any Person shall, after such Time as aforesaid, and so long as the Company shall provide sufficient Slaughter-houses for the Accommodation of the said Town and Borough, slaughter or dress for Sale any such Animal as aforesaid in any Place within the said Town and Borough, other than One of such Slaughter-houses, he shall be liable to a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for every such Offence, any thing in this or the said incorporated Acts to the contrary notwithstanding. XXII. And be it enacted, That if any Question shall arise as to whether a sufficient Number of Slaughter-houses had been or continued to be provided by the Company, such Question shall be determined by the Justices before whom any such Penalty as last aforesaid shall be sued for. Tolls to be taken for the Market. Tolls for the Cattle Market. Tolls for Slaughterhouses. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Company from Time to Time to demand, from any Person occupying or using any Stand, Stall, Shed, Pen, or Place in the Market Place, or Buildings or Ground connected therewith, or bringing into such Market Place or Buildings or Ground any marketable Commodities specified in the Schedule (B.) to this Act annexed, such Stallages, Rents, and Tolls as the Company shall from Time to Time appoint, not exceeding the several Stallages, Rents, and Tolls specified in the said Schedule (B.) And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Company from Time to Time to demand, in the Cattle Market, from any Person bringing therein...

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