The Qualifications Wales (Monetary Penalties) (Determination of Turnover) Regulations 2019

Document Number:2019 No. 796 (W. 149)
Coming into force:Coming into force on the 12/04/2019

Welsh Statutory Instruments

Education, Wales


3 April 2019

Coming into force

12 April 2019

The Welsh Ministers in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 38(3) and 55(1) of the Qualifications Wales Act 2015(1) make the following Regulations.

In accordance with section 55(2)(b) of that Act, a draft of this instrument was laid before and approved by a resolution of the National Assembly for Wales.

Title and commencement

  1. —(1) The title of these Regulations is the Qualifications Wales (Monetary Penalties) (Determination of Turnover) Regulations 2019.

    (2) These Regulations come into force on 12 April 2019.


  2. —(1) In these Regulations—

    “the Act” (“y Ddeddf”) means the Qualifications Wales Act 2015;

    “awarding body” (“corff dyfarnu”) has the meaning given by section 57 of the Act;

    “business year” (“blwyddyn fusnes”) means a period of more than 6 months in respect of which an awarding body publishes accounts or, if no such accounts have been published for the period, prepares accounts;

    “date of notice” (“dyddiad hysbysu”) means the date on which Qualifications Wales gives notice to an awarding body under section 38(4) of the Act of their intention to impose a monetary penalty on the awarding body;

    “preceding business year” (“blwyddyn fusnes flaenorol”) means the business year immediately preceding the date of notice.

    Monetary penalty: amount

  3. —(1) The amount of a monetary penalty imposed on an awarding body under section 38 of the Act must not exceed 10% of the awarding body’s turnover.

    (2) The turnover of an awarding body for the purposes of paragraph (1) is to be determined in accordance with regulations 4 and 5.

    (3) Subject to paragraph (1) , the amount may be whatever Qualifications Wales decide is appropriate in all the circumstances of the case.

    Determination of turnover for the purposes of regulation 3

  4. —(1) Where the preceding business year is a period of 12 months, the turnover of an awarding body is the body’s applicable turnover for the entire preceding business year.

    (2) Where the preceding business year did not equal 12 months, the turnover is the awarding body’s applicable turnover for that business year divided by the number of months in that business year and multiplied by 12.

    (3) Where there was no preceding business year, the turnover is the applicable turnover for the 12 months ending on the last day of the month preceding the month in which the date of the notice falls.

    (4) Where in the...

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