Swansea Markets Act 1828

Publication Date:January 01, 1828
Swansea Markets Act 1828

(9 Geo. 4) c. lxiv

An Act for establishing Markets at Swansea in the County of Glamorgan.

[23 May 1828]

ANNO NONO GEORGII IV. REGIS. tit. .'Jr. tit. tit. *A*. tit. tit. tit. tit. *&*? .1*. Jfr, ^*. .*fr JA* .*!*? .*fr- ."A*. .*&*- i*A*. tit- tit, ffc -*A*- i*i* tit. ^fr V* :&*. ."A*. ilf- tit. tit- ?'A'. iA*. tit. tit tit- ?'A'. ifr- tit ?'A'- ?'A'- .^ .*fr- ?'A*. *fc ^ *fr- ^ *&^ ?^r *?p -^r ?sp -fl? -jp 7p -^r %: "?p "sp ?P "vP ?F ?F * ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ -P tp^t ^r ^c -^r r^: qr ^r -^ %; -Jp -ff; %; vp ^r ^r If? -^r ?p *^r flt ^p ?jp vp vp ?sp^p Cjt . lxiv. An Act for establishing Markets at Swansea in the County of Glamorgan. [23d May 1828.] W HEREAS an Act was passed in the Fourteenth Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled An Act for fixing and regulating a public Market and 14 G.3.c.2Y. Shambles for the Sale of Meat within the Town and Borough of Swansea in the County of Glamorgan: And whereas, in pursuance of the Powers contained in the said Act, an additional Market Place was made and erected within the said Borough ; but in consequence of the great Increase of the Trade, Manufactures, and Population of the Neighbourhood of Swansea, and of the Numbers of Persons frequent ing the Market of the said Borough and Town of Swansea, the principal Thoroughfares through the said Town and Borough are obstructed, and rendered very dangerous and inconvenient to the In habitants and the Public at large passing into and through the same : And whereas it would be a great Convenience and Accommodation to the Inhabitants of the said Town and Borough of Swansea, and of the neighbouring Country, frequenting the said Town on Market Days, and would tend to remove Nuisances and Obstructions, if Power was given to make a new Market for Corn, Cattle, Hor s;es, Sheep, Butchers Meat, Poultry, and all other marketable Commodi ties, and proper and sufficient Stalls, Standings, and Accom modations therein for all Persons frequenting the said Market, and [Local."] 16 L if 1422 Power to purchase Houses, Lands, &c. described in Schedule (A.), for the Purposes of this Act. Power to purchase Sheds or Penthouses recognized by Act MG.3.C.27' If Owners refuse to treat, Value to be awarded by a Jury. 9GEOROII IV. Cap.hiv. if proper Regulations were made and established for the good Government thereof, at a certain Place or Field called the Ropewalk Field, situate in the said Town, and bounded on the North by certain Building Ground, let to jthe Swansea Union Building Society, on the South by the. Gardens-of certain Houses in Orange Street, on the East by the Gardens of certain Houses in Waterloo Street, and on the West by Patfcofa newly-erected Row of Houses called Union Buildings otheovfee. Union Street: And whereas the said Field was claimed by C$0rt Richard Sme$ Esquire, as his Freehold Property, and he hatlij^tejedcto c$£?ey the same in Fee Srinple to the Burgesses of th^&^^he^^-^^^imea, upon Condition that they or their Successors shall make the Improvements and Regulations hereinafter mentioned: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and^wjtk^beAd^ge and Consent of the Lords ;?*?& this present Parliament Spiritual and Temporal, assembled, and by the Authority of.the same, That when and as sopn as the, said Qifeert RicJiaM^Jone. agep^f tl|etr| or anj| Jfersott oVjfreKons at any Tirrfe after me passing t' this* executed any Grants,-Releases, Conveyances, or Assurances, Grant, Release, Conveyance, or AsstrfarjtTe, i j|£essary or expedient for con-ytyisg and assuring tJ^^^M£g$wafifc' Field, and the Inheritance thereof in Fee Simple Possession, unj the Burgesses of the said Borough of Swansea, it shaft be lawful'f£ and for the Burgesses of the said Borough, andthek Successors* to-treat, contract, and agree with the Owners of or P jrson^.entided?t$ or interested in all or any Messuages, Lands, and HeTe^Hy^ehf^H^pich shall be necessary for making the said intended M^rfepfc Kace* gnd fhe Approaches thereto, arid whicfh are more pai^tlbifeMy #fiffe^ff~'M&' deScrifoedMn the Scbeitiie to- this Act :aWnexed, Af*svfe|dNsl^&r the absolute" Purchase of such Premises; whieli Said Pfettiisis, when purchased, shall be ' 4^ $e '-s^ Burgesses and ^leVy^rpbses-of this Act.* II. Arid, be it further ej^c^ed?:TJia\ ^.'shgrl. nd may, be lawful to and forthe. Burgesses',pf 1^ *sa^jBoi'M|^0and their Successors Jo lyr'eat "and agree with ffieiQ^^'Ql^r^^^n^eiititled to or interested in all or any of the Slie.^or^n^^s^^vhicti at the Time of the passfrjg of .the^.aid Act pj^e^^t^n|j[p^^0f the Reign of His.late Majesty'ICing 3eo^ had been made use of for the Purpose? dr'!ia^j^^,"|^|it^5-.6r exposing for Sale any Kirj$'.'pi'Butchers Mm^.m^mi^a^^ $ir[eet and Saint Mary's Sfreeirpttierwise called .^%u''l%^; v^^*--tne'sai^ Town and' BoroughVofSwansea,' fo,*rt^|lie;l. ;||^j4^ J%^a^ * sucn Sheds and? Pen thoiises respee'tiYefa;. %#K iftefyftMrs. ,o/"and ^Persons entitled to, or interested in suc^S^ds or ^en-|h^B^es,We hereby required to tre,at?contract, and agr|e7wiblthe!s^l'B^&s£S and their Successors, for" jHe absolute Sate atr4^^I?| o4ft^ol*^^&J Sheds and Penthouses ' /V ^ai4 .Owners of or Persons T,vi.v; .m w ..v.v^^,, M.^^^jjflj^,Penthouses so"used for t}j_e,Sale. of: $teat. withui 'MarJ^i^eetj^^Satni.Mail's Street afore-' said shall refuse to treat. caniraclLahdaetfee with the Burgesses of the said 9GEORGII IV. Cap.hiv. 1423 said Borough, and their Successors, for the Sale and Disposal of such Sheds and Penthouses, it shall then be lawful for the said Burgesses and their Successors to cause such Sheds or Penthouses to be removed, paying to the Owners of or Persons entitled to or interested therein such Sum or Sums of Money as shall be awarded by a Jury, to be summoned for that Purpose in manner hereinafter directed. III. And be it further enacted, That all' Sales, Conveyances, As- Form of signments, and Assurances of any Lands, Tenements, or Heredita- Conveyance ments, to be made to the said Burgesses and their Successors, shall be toBurgesses- made in the Form or to the Effect following ; (that is to say,) ' T of in consideration of the Sum of to me paid by the Burgesses of the Borough of Swansea, do hereby, by virtue of the c Powers in that Behalf contained in an Act passed in the Ninth Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled [here ' set forth the Title of this Act} grant and convey to the said Burgesses f all [describing the Premises to be conveyed} and all my Right, Title* ' and Interest in and to the same and every Part thereof, to hold to the said Burgesses and their Successors for ever, by virtue and ac- cording to the true Intent and Meaning of the said Act. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal, this ' Day of in the Year of our Lord And every such Sale, Conveyance, Assignment, and Assurance so made shall be good, valid, and effectual to all Intents and Purposes whatsoever, any Law, Statute, Usage, or Custom to the contrary thereof notwithstanding : Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall authorize or empower the said Burgesses of the said Borough, or their Successors, to take or purchase any Houses, Buildings, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, for the Purposes of this Act, without the Consent of the Owners or Occupiers thereof, other than and except those which are particularly mentioned and specified in the said Schedule hereunto annexed, marked (A.) IV. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That in case the Purchases of said Burgesses of the said Borough, or their Successors, shall not Houses, &c. purchase the Messuages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments men- eStl1nfd1 tioned and described in the said Schedule (A.) of this Act, or any | bg made6 of them, within the Space of Five Years from the passing of this within Five Act, then and in such Case it shall not be lawful for the said Bur- Years. gesses or their Successors to purchase any of the said Messuages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments so remaining unpurchased, without the Consent in Writing of the Owner or Owners thereof for that Purpose first had and obtained. V. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That if any of the Misnomer in Houses, Buildings, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments which are describing mentioned or described in the said Schedule (A.) to this Act annexed, the Prem,ses or any of the Owners thereof, or of the Persons in whose Occupation "hg Exe^u- or Possession the same or any Part thereof are or is stated or tionofthe described to be, shall happen to be misnamed or inaccurately Act. described W4 9GEQEGII IV. CapMv. described therein, such Misnomer- or inaccurate Description.shail; not prevent or retard the Execution of this-Act, but the same Premises and every Part thereof0s$taU and may- Repurchased and, cpnveyed, disposed of, and appliedL, to and for- t|j£ Purposes of this Act, as fully and effectually, as if the same were properly named and described in the. said Schedule, provided it shall appear to any Two Justices of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan, and be certified by Writing under their Hads, that such Omission, Misnomer, or inaccurate Description proqeeded from Mistake, or that; the reaK)wners or Occupiers of such JHo^ses, Buft^i^^ Lands, or Hereditaments hadVprevious Notice,that £hk same; resj^efciyely would be Mtanted for the Purposes of this Asct.. sell, &c. Powerforin- VI. And be it further enacted, l%at it shall be lawful for all capacitated Bodies Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, Corporations Aggregate Persons to or g^. tenants iniyi^for £*fe k Lives, Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Committ^s^ Executors, Administrators, and all other Persons whomsoever,^rtM-oWy'for ark! jpn behalf of themselves, but also for and on b$fe8fi.*o- their *4s)k6cfcive CestuiqueTrusts or Wards* kernes Cove*i£ litrfafttnS; -Issue1 'unborn, Lunatics, Idiots, or other Persons...

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