Sharples and Hoghton Road [Lancashire] Act 1852

Publication Date:January 01, 1852
Sharples and Hoghton Road [Lancashire] Act 1852

(15 & 16 Vict.) c. lxxiv

An Act for more effectually repairing the Road from Sharples to Hoghton in the County of Lancaster.

[17th June 1852]

ANNO DECIMO QUINTO VICTORIA REG1N *T* -I* vp vp Tlv ^r'^r 7^; ^j* *^-T* *T *T* ** *F *T* *F T* *s* *T vf^Tj* t^^tt^t* T* T* *t**t* T* T* t* *T^^ T T* *T* *T *T- *T* *T* *T* *F ^T* *T* *F *T* *** ** ^ Ca/ . lxxiv. An Act for more effectually repairing the Road from Sharpies to Hoghton in the County of Lancaster. [17th June 1852.] w HEREAS an Act was passed in the Fourlfc Year of the Eeign of His Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled An Act for more effectually repairing the Road leading from the Bolton and Blackburn Road in Sharpies to the Blackburn and Preston Road in Hoghton in the County of Lancaster, called " The Sharpies and Hoghton Turnpike Road:11 And whereas the Term granted by the said recited Act, and from Time to Time continued by virtue of divers Acts of Parliament for continuing certain Turnpike Acts for limited Periods, will expire on the First Day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, unless the same be further continued: And whereas considerable Sums of Money are now due and owing upon the Credit of the Tolls authorized to be collected on the said Eoad: And whereas it is expedient that the said recited Act should be repealed, and that further and more effectual Powers should be granted instead thereof; but these Purposes cannot be effected without the Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parlia* 4 G .4*. c. 22. [Local] 12 K ment 1050 15 VICTORIA, Cap.lxxiv. The Sharpies and Hoghton Road Act, 1852. ment assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows; (that is to say,) Recited Act I. That upon the Commencement of this Act the Said recited Act of rndethtf Act the Fourth Year of the ReiSn of His Ma3esty King George the Fourth to be put in shall be repealed, and this Act shall thereafter be put into execution force. during the Term and for the Purposes herein-after mentioned. Short Title. II. That in citing this Act for any Purpose it shall be sufficient to use the Expression " The Sharpies and Hoghton Road Act, 1852." Interpre- III. That in the Construction of this Act the following Words and Termsf Expressions shall have the several Meanings hereby assigned to them, unless such Meanings be repugnant to or inconsistent with the Context ; (that is to say,) The Word " Person " shall be understood to include " Corporation:" The Expression " the Trustees " shall mean the Trustees for the Time being acting in execution of this Act: The Expression "the Road" or "the said Road" shall mean the Road to which this Act relates: The Expression " Toll Gate" or " Toll Gates" shall include Turnpike Gates, Toll Bars, Side Gates, Side Bars, and Toll Chains. Monies and IV. That all Rents, Arrears of Tolls, and other Monies due to, and ve^ted^n a^ ^oti*es Property? anc* aH Choses in Action vested in the Trustees Trustees. under the Act hereby repealed, shall immediately on the Commencement of this Act be vested in the Trustees for executing this Act; and such last-mentioned Trustees may sue for and recover the same, and act in respect thereof, as fully and effectually as if the same had been vested in them under the said Act hereby repealed; and they shall be liable (except the Arrears of Interest as herein-after mentioned) to all the Debts and Engagements to which the Trustees actifrg under the said recited Act may be liable at the Time of the Repeal thereof. Trustees.! Peace acting for the County Palatine of Lancaster, together with John Hot-rocks Ainsworih, James Ainsworih, John Ashworth, Edmund Ashworth, John Ashwofth the younger, Thomas Ashworth, Daniel Arkwright, William Alston, Edward Boiling, Stephen Blair, Richard Badger, Joseph Badgerj Christopher Briggs, James Brandwood, John Brand-wood, Robert Bolton, MaUhew Blakiston, James Cocker, Robert Chad-wick, Giles Cross, John Eccles, Joseph Eccfas, James Forrest, Doctor William Forrest, Henry Brock Hollinshead, Robert Hopwood, Robert Hopwood the younger, Joseph Haddock, Edmund Haworth, Sharpies, Thomas Hampson3 Peter Heywood, John Hindk, Thomas Gardner Horridae* 15 VICTORIA, Cap.lxxiv. 1051 The Sharpies and Hoghton Road Act, 1852. 9 Horridge, Robert Johnson, John Johnson, James Knowles, Eagely Bank, William Longworth, John Langshaw, William Longworth the younger, John Mawdsley, William Mawdsley, John Mason, James Miller, Thomas Turner Mercer, John Magnall, James Ormrod, Robert OrreU, Christopher Parkinson, Robert Parke, John Parkinson Parke, Thomas Blinkhorn Parke, John Parke, William Bashall Parke, George Slater, James Slater, James Scoweroft, Joseph Slater, John Nuttall Slater, Thomas Slater, George Slater the younger, William Slade, Joseph Thwaites Henry Wright Clerk, Charles Wright Clerk, Thomas Wright, and William Woods, and their Successors, being duly qualified to act as Trustees of Turnpike Roads in England, shall be and they are hereby appointed Trustees for carrying this Act into execution. VI. That it shall be lawful for the Trustees at any Meeting to elect Power toap- any Number of Persons duly qualified to act as Trustees of Turnpike J??!.nt af*~ Roads in England, not exceeding Three in the whole, to be Trustees Trustees. for the Purposes of this Act, in addition to the Trustees hereby nominated, and such Trustees so elected shall have the same Powers and Authorities for executing this Act as if they had been hereby appointed. VII. That the Trustees shall hold their First Meeting at the First Meet- Levefs Arms Hotel in the Town of Bolton-le-Moors in the County of in&of Trus" Lancaster, or at some other convenient Place in the said Town, on the Day of the Commencement of this Act, and proceed to the Execution of this Act; and the Trustees may from Time to Time L a djourn themselves to meet at such Time, and at such Place in the said Town or in the Neighbourhood of the said Road, as they shall think proper. VIII. That the Trustees may from Time to Time appoint a Com- Power to mittee or Committees out of their own Number to take the Care and appoint Management of any particular Part or Parts of the said Road, or to execute any of the Purposes of this Act; and the said Committee or Committees may proceed and act according to such Appointment, and in conformity to any Rules, Instructions, or Regulations which maybe made or laid down by the Trustees. IX. That this Act shall be put in execution for and during the Road to Term herein-after mentioned for the Purpose of maintaining, improv- Act^sa li- ing, and keeping in repair the Road from the Bolton and Blackburn cable. Road near to the Lamb Inn in Sharpies to the Blackburn and Preston Road near to Brindle Lane End in Hoghton, all in the County Palatine of Lancaster. X. That, notwithstanding the Repeal of the said recited Act, the Present Toils Tolls be Time- 1052 15 VICTORIA...

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