Roads in Cardigan Act 1812

Publication Date:January 01, 1812
Roads in Cardigan Act 1812

(52 Geo. 3) c. xl

An Act for enlarging the Term and Powers of Two several Acts of His present Majesty, for repairing and widening several Roads in the County of Cardigan; and also for making other Roads in the said County.

[25th March 1812]

OTN0 ? iTOINaUA'GESIKSG- SECUND0 GEORGII III REGI& t * Cap. 40. An A£t for enlarging the 'Term and Powers of Two feveral Acfs of His prefent Majefty, for repairing and widening feveral Roads in the County of Cardigan; and alfo for making other Roads in the faid County. [-25th March 1812.] W HEREAS an Aft was 'patted in*the TentB*Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, intituled An Aft for repairing and widen- 10G/3. c.53, ing feveral "Roads in 'the County of Cardigan-: And whereas ?another A& was paffed in theThirty-firft Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, intituled An Aft for continuing the?ermK and altering and enlarge 3i.g.c.97a ;ing the Powers of an A 61^ made in the 'Tenth Tear of His Majeffs Reign* for repairing feveral Roads in the County of Cardigan, and for repairing other Roads in the faid County: And whereas the Truftees appointed in and by virtue of the faid Afts have made great Progrefs in the Execution thereof,' and have borrowed confiderable Sums of Money on the Credit of the Tolls thereby granted, which ftill remain due, and cannot be repaid, nor -can the Roads iii the faid A&s recited be fufficifently amended and kept in Repair, unlefs the Term granted by the faid Ads be further continued, ithe Tolls increafed, and the Powers thereof altered and enlarged: And introduction whereas it .would be a great Advantage to the faid County of Cardigan* of new Roads 1 ^and of publick Utility, if a,new line of Road leadirtg through the Parifh * \Loc* if Pen"] 10 / of 86,2 Former A 6l& continued* 52GEORGII III. Cap.\o. of Uanb&darn Fawr in the faid County, were opened and formed from the Aberyjlwyth North Turnpike Gate, through the Village of Llan-badarn Fawr aforefaid, or near a Rhfe called TynHjdiart, over Port-terwyd, to join the ?prefent Turnpike Rpad leading from the Town of Aberyjlwyth $£Qtdw& in the faid County of Cardigan, to the Town of Llanidloegm the County tof Montgomery * near a certain .Place qalled DyffryntC&jielU in the County of Cardigan aforefaid ; and jlH'q if another Line of Road were formed to branch off from a certain^Bridge .called Ponteinon^ over $e Mountain called Mynydd bach^ through -the feverai Parifhes of Caron, Llanddewibreji, and Llanrhyjlid^ and to enter the pre-fent Turnpike Road leading from the Town of Lampeter to the Town of Abery/lwyth aforefaid, at or near a Place called Frwd in the faid Parilh of Llanrhyjiid; but fuch feverai new Roads cannot be effe&ually formed and kept in Repair by the ordinary Courfe of Law: May it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be -it ena&e'd; and be it enacted by the King's moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the ' Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That the faid recited A6ts? and all and every the Tolls and Duties, Claufes, Powers, Pfovifoes, Penalties, Forfeitures, Provifions, Matters .and Things whatsoever therein refpe&ively contained, (except fuch as relate to the Exemption from Stamp Duties, and as to fo much and fuch Parts of the faid firft recited A3: as were varied, altered, or repealed by the laid fecondly-recited Aft, and except as to fc much and fuch Parts of both the faid A£ts as are hereby-varied, altered, or repealed,) fhall be and continue, and be executed for and during the Term herein-after mentioned ; and fhall extend and have Relation to amending, forming, and widening the Roads in the laid recited Afts refpeftively mentioned, together with the additional Roads herein defcribed, as fully and effectually in all Refpefts, and to all Intents and Purpofes.whatfoever, as if the fame wer.e all repeated and re-ena&ed in the Body'of this Aft, ,ahd the faid additional Roads herein-before mentioned had been included and-made Part, of the additional Roads comprized in the faid laftly^recited A£t; anjd the laid additional Term hereby granted fhall be and is hereby made fubje 3t ,and liable to the Payment of all Money now due and owing on the Credit .of the faid recited A&s,. ox that maybe borrowed or become due and owing on the Credit thereof, and of thii Aft, and all Interelt due and t grow due for the fame, Additional H- And be it further ena£t,ed., That William Lewes juniqr of Lljfnewydd, Truftees for Ttomas Lewes of the fame, Thomas Lloydd of Bronwydd William 0%ven i^5 S!TdlSaa Brigfiocke junior of Blaenpant^' John Brigjl&cke of the^fame, Augujlus rt *~ Bxigfiocke of the fame,- Robert BrigJiocke of the idgne,'Tbomps Lloyd of Coedmorp, James Lloyd pf Dolehaidd, Thomas Parry of Gemos, Richard Hart Davies ^o£ Petertvell, Btnjamiv Edtvard H&U of Cilgwyn^, Griffith Jones of Cardigan, John Beynonoi Newcajlle} David Davies of Carnxarthen^ M.D., Jenkin Davies of Maefcrigie, Thomas Lewis of Clynvietv, Thomas Iggleden Griffith of Llwyndurris^ William David Griffith of the fame, John Griffith of the fame, George Griffith of the fame, Charles Griffith of the fame,. John Lloyd of Mabus, George Bonfal of Glanr,hid&l9 William Edward Powell of Nanteos, lfaac Lloyd Williams of Lincoln's Inn, Daniel Boyuen of Wainyvpr Clerk, David Williams of Xfiradnmrick Clerk, John William Lewis of Llaner chair on y fhall be and are hereby added to and joined with 8 the 52GECXRGII IIL Cap.40. $6$ the Truftees appointed or deded in or by virtue of the faid recited Ads for making and repairing the Roads comprized in the Cardigan Diftrid of Ro^fls thereby diteded to he .made and repaired j and that John Lloyd of Additional Mqbus, James Philipps Lloyd of the fame, James David Lloyd of the fame, Truftees for John Philipps Allen Lloyd of the fame, John Lloyd of Trekefel, Hugh Lloyd *?^7ffi. of CUpill Clerk, John William Lewis of Llanerchairon, William Lewes of Llyfnewydd\nmQT3 John Macnamara of Llangoed^ Richard Owen Powell of Nanteos, Richard Price of Knight on, George Parry of Llidiarde^ Thomas Smith of Foilallt% David Saunders of Tymawr^ David Williams of Tjlrad- meirick Clerk, John Nathaniel Williams of Cajlte-hillj Ifaac Lkyd Williams of Lincoln's Inn9 George Bon/all .of Qlanrhidol^ William Bonfall of Aberytt- wyth M.D., Ifaac Bonfal of Berrhiw Clerk, John Bowen of Aberllolwyn9 Richard Bart Davie s of Peter well^ William Davies of Dcle^ Edward Gat acre of Abermaide9 Henry Lewis Edward'Gwynn of Gla?ibery, William Herbert of Rhiwbren^ William Herbert of the fame, Clerk, Jofeph Jones of Tyllwyd Walter Jones of Lldnioj William Til/ley Jones of Tanilan, Thomas Hugh Jones of Noyadd, David Davies of Ffrwd^William Davies of Tanralltlywydy Lewis Morgan of Pantmanlwgy Thomas Morgan of Troedyrhiw^ John Jones of MaejbangQr David Griffiths of Llanbadarn Clerk, ##gJ L/^rf of Abercwmdole^ William Jones of Caebach, Thomas Jones of Brinowen^ Morris Davies of Aberyftwyihy Edward Corbet of Tnyfymaengxvyn, Evaft Pugh of Llanganfelin Clerk, Theophilus Jones of Rhodymade^ John "Strict of Greengrove John Rogers of Hafod, M.D., Henry Roger? of G?//y, £7x- ^/tf/£ PnVtf of Foxley, John Jones of CapeLBettws Clerk, /raw Thomas of Wenallt^ John, J ones junior of Derry Ormonde Robert Pamiftfoley Thomas Davies of Pantyfedwen^ Evan Morgan of Perthgwenin, David Eviins of Tryaly Richard Steed Alban of Ludlow, Edward Richards of Epfom Clerk, Timothy Evans Clerk, Morris Evans Clerk, Jfo^ Ji?^j of AberyHwyih^ Edward Evans of Piercejield, Daniel Williams of Aberyjlwyth^ Thomas Chand-- Jefs of Pengraig*, John Palmer Chiche/ier9 Robert Jeffertes of Garreg^ John Edwards of Machynlleth, Wilmot Vaughan of Cr of mood; Erneji Vaughan of the fame, Humphry Jones of Alltcoch^ William Wynne of Morben, Edward Tufton Phelp of , JaAw Hughes of Llwynglas Clerk, J ?£;z Touches of Lincoln's Inn*' Henry Touchet of the fame, Thomas Davies of Foeallt. James Morris junior of Carreg, mi John Hughes of Aberyftwyih Surgeon, and are hereby added to and joined with the Truftees appointed or efeded in or by virtue of the faid recited Ads, for making and repairing the Roads comprized ip the Aberyftwyth Diftrid of Roads, thereby dire&ed to be made and repaired; and alfo the faid additional Roads herein-before mentioned, which (hall be and are hereby declared to be Part of the faid Aberyfiwyth Diftrid; and for putting all the Powers of the faid recited Ads and this prefent Ad in Execution, in relation to the faid Diftrids refpedively; and the Truftees herein named, and their Succeffors, being qualified and eleded according to the Diredions of the faid recited Ati of the Tenth Year of His prefect Majefly's Reign, are hereby empowered to ad in the Execution of both the faid recited A6fa^td this Ad, for the Diftrid in which they are or fhall be refpedively appointed, asfullj and effedually to all Intents and Purpofes as if they had been appointee Truftees by the faid recited Ads, or one of them, III. And be it further enaded, That fo much of the Tolls granted by -For dlfcon-?the faid recited Ad of the Tenth Year of the Reign of His preferit tinuingfome -Majefty, as are impofed on any Horfe, Mare5 Gelding, Mule, Afs, or f th*Pre" other cn * 864 S2GE0RGII III, Cap.40. and grantiDg other Beaft drawing any Narrow-wheeled Waggon, Wain, Gart, or other new ones. Carriage of the like Description, and alio upon any Horfe, Mare, Geld- .ing, Mule or Afs, laden or unladen, and not drawing, fhall, from and after the Twelfth Day of May One thoufand eight hundred and twelve, ceafe and be no longer paid j and that inftead thereof,|ifrfha]l andmay be lawful to demand and take at each and every Toll Gate ere&ed or to be erected by virtue of the faid recited Ads, or either of them, or this pre* iient A£b: I New Tolls. For every Horfe, Mare, Gelding, Mule, Afs, or other Beaft, drawing any Narrow-wheeled Waggon, Wain, Cart, or...

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