Road from Offham to Ditchling Act 1812

Publication Date:January 01, 1812
Road from Offham to Ditchling Act 1812

(52 Geo. 3) c. cxv

An Act for repairing the Road from Offham to Ditchelling, in the County of Sussex.

[20th May 1812]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO SECUNDO GEORGII III. REGIS. Cap.115. An Ad for repairing the Road from Offham to Ditchellingy in the County of Sujfex. [20th May 1812.] W HERE AS the prefent Road or Public Highway leading from and out of the Turnpike Road leading from the upper End of the Town of Lewes to Witchcrofs, in the County of SuJfeX) towards and into the Turnpike Road leading from the Town of Brighthelm* Jlone to the Town of Lindfield in the County aforefaid, through the feverai Parifhes of Hamfey and Saint John under the Cattle of Lewes, the Hamlet of CbiItwg1on and the feverai Parifhes of Chailey, Plumpton, Street, pFejlmejion, and Ditchelling^ all in the faid County of Suffex, is not only very much out of Repair, but likewife in many Places narrow, circuitous^ and otherwife incommodious to the Public, fo as to make it expedient to alter Part of the Courfe thereof: And whereas the fame Road cannot be effe&ually altered, repaired, widened, ftraightened, and rendered fafe and commodious, and kept in Repair, by means of the Laws in being for the Amendment and Prefervation of Public Highways: And whereas the making and maintaining a good and fufficient Public Turnpike Road be tween the Points aforefaid, would eftablifh a more diredt, eafy, and extenfive Communication between the Eaftern and Weftern Parts of the faid County of SuJ/ex, and would be of great Benefit and Advantage to the Proprietors and Occupiers of Eftates in the Neighbourhood thereof, and of public Utility : May it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be enafted; and enacted by the King's mod Excellent Majefty, by ^nd. with the Advice and Confent of |he Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That George Awcock, IVUHam Attwoody Thomas Attree^John TruSees. [Loc. & fVr/J 27 P Attree H$o 52GEORGII III. Cap. 115. Attree of Ditchelling^ Sir Charles Merrick Burrell Baronet, Sir John Bridger Knight, Sir Henry Blackman Knight, J H. Shaw Brooke Clerk, Charles Bathurjl Clerk, William Borrer, William Borrer Junior, John Borrer Junior, George Berry, Henry Burtenfhaw, James Brown, John Boys, Nathaniel Beard, Thomas Beard, John Martin Cripps, William Campion, William John Campion, Henry Campion, William Henry Campion Clerk, George Courthope^ George Courihope Junior, Samuel Clarke Clerk, Peter Guerin Crofts Clerk, Richard Barnard Comber, Thomas Comber, Robert Chatfield, John Cheefman, Richard Chri/lrnas, John Chatfield of Stockwell,, John Chatfield of Lewes, Chrufophilus Ghiity, Samuel Woodgate Durrani,, John Ellman, Edward Egles, Thomas Ellis, John Fidler, William Faulconer, George Edward G?~aham, William Gwynne Clerk, Charles Grin/led, James Gray, John Guy, George Grantham, George Grantham Junior, John Godlee, Jonathan Harrifon, John Hoper, George Hoperf, Thomas Hodfon, John Hod/on, James Hodfon, William Hod/on, Richard Hurly, Nathaniel Hall, William Franklin Hick, the Honourable Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinfon, James Jenkins Clerk, James Ingram, Thotnas Read Kemp, Nathaniel Kemp, Richard Knight, Richard Knight Junior, Chrijiopher Kell, Nathaniel Ptihill Kell, William Balcbmbe Langridge, John Markham, W. G* Mabbot, William Madgwick, Jofeph Molineux, George Mott, William Marten, Sir Henry Poole Baronet, Clerk, Thomas Partington, James Powell, Trayton. Paine, Edward Robert Raynes Clerk, John Rickman, Peter Rowland, James Redman, Thomas Rogers, George Shiffner, John Bridger Shiffner, Jojias. Smith, William Lucas Shadweil, Samuel Snafhally Samuel Snajhall Junior, Richard Stapetey, George Stanford, Thomas Tourle, Anthony Tanner,. Anthony Tanner Junior, William Tanner, John Tanner^ Thomas Tanner^ Richard VerrallP George Verrall, Wlliam Verrall, Harry Verrall, W. P* Woodward Clerk, Thomas Woollgar, John Wood of Ditchelling, John Wood of Eajl End* and John Wood of Southovtr, and their Succeffors, to be elefted in Manner herein-after mentioned, (hall be and- they are hereby appointed Truftees for ^bering, improving, widening, amending, and keeping^ in Repair the ifp* Roacl, and for otheirwife putting, this Aft into Execution, Power to ap- I{, And be it further enacted, That it fhall be lawful for the faid or any Five or more of them, at a Meeting to be held for that tecSi " Purpofe, fof which Meeting, and of the Purpofe thereof, Twenty Days Notice fhall- be given in Manner as is herein-after direfted, refpefting the Appointment of new Truftees on Vacancies), to tied, nominate, and ap* point any Number of fit and proper Perfons not exceeding Ten, to be Truftees for the Purpofes of this Aft, in addition to the Truftees hereby nominated and appointed. Power to III- And be it further enafted, That when and as often as any of the eka new Truftees hereby appointed, or to be elefted and appointed in Manner Truftees. herein-after mentioned, fhall die, or by Writing under their Hands, refufe to aft in the Execution of this Aft, h fhall be lawful for the remaining or furviving Truftees, from Time to Time, to eleft and appoint one or more other fit Perfon or Perfons to be a Truftee or Truftees in the Room of of every Truftee or Truftees dying, or refufmg to aft as aforefaid, provided that public Notice of the Time and Pla-:e of Meeting of the faid Truftees for every fuch Eleftion, be given by the Clerk to be appointed by the faid Truftees as-herein-after is mentioned5 by affixing the fame in Writing upon all 52GEORGII III. Cap.ii5; H5* mil the Turnpike Gates then erefted and being upon the laid Road, and by inferting fuch Notice in one or more of the Newfpapers publifhed within the faid County of Suffix, Twenty Days at lead before every fuch Meeting ; and every Perfon who fhall be efefted and appointed a Truftee or Truftees, purfuant to the Direftions of this Aft, fhall and may aft with the furviving and remaining Truftees in the Execution of this Aft, to all Intents and Purpofes, as if he or they had been named and appointed Truftees in and by this Ach IV. Provided always, and be it further enafted, That no Perfon fhall Qualification be capable of acting as a Truftee in. the Execution of tjiis Aft, unlefs he of Truftees. fhall be in his own Right, or in his Wife's Right, feifed or poffeffed of and in the actual Poffeffion or Receipt of the Rents and Profits of Mef-fuages, Lands, Tenements, Tithes, or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of Twenty Pounds above Reprizes, or fhall be Heir Apparent of a Perfon fo feifed of Mefluages, Lands, Tenements, Tithes, or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of Fifty Pounds above Reprizes, or fhall be poffeffed of a clear Perfonal Eftate of the Amount or Value of One thoufand Pounds; and if any Perfon, not being fo. qualified, fhall prefume to aft as a Truftee in the Execution of this i^ft, every fuch Perfon fhall for every fuch Offence forfeit and pay the $u,m of Fifty Pounds to any Perfon or Perfons who (hall fue for the fame, to be recovered in any of His Majefty's Courts of Record* by Action of Debt, or on the Cafe, or by Bill, Suit, or Information, wherein no Effoign, Protection, or Wager of Law, nor more than one Imparlance fh&U be allowed ; and every Perfon fo profecuted fhall prove that he is qualified as aforefaid, or otherwife fhall pay the faid Penalty, upon Proof being given of hi? having aqted as 3 Truftee in the Execution of this Aft : Provided neverthplefs, that all Afts and Proceedings by any fuch Perfon as a Truftee, in the Execution of this .Aft, previous to his being convifted of the faid Offence, fhall be as valid and effectual as if fuch Perfon had beep qualified according to the Directions, of this Aft. V. Provided alfo, and be it enafted, That ;eyery Truftee appointed, or Truftee* to- to be elefted and appointed by virtue of this Aft, before he- fhall aft as ukeanQath* fych (except in adminiftering the Oath next herein-after mentioned at the Firft or Second Meeting of the faid Truftees) fhall take and fubferibe an Oath before Three or more of the faid Truftees (who are hereby empowered to adminifter the fame) in the Form or to the Effeft following j that is to fay, x T A. B* do fwear, That I am in my own Right [or, in the Right of my A Wife] truly and bond fide feifed or poffeffed of, and in the aftuai Poffeflion or Receipt of the Rents and Profits of Meffuages,* Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of Twenty Pounds above Reprizes [and, in cafe of an Heir Apparent] I A. B. do c fwear, That I am Heir Apparent of C.D. who, to the belt of myKnow-tf ledg^ and Belief, is truly and bond fide feifed or poffeffed of, and in the f aftuai Poffeflion or Receipt of the Rents and Profits of Meffuages, 6 Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, of the clear yearly Value of Fifty Pounds above Reprizes [and in the Cafe of Perfonal Eftate] I -A* j3. do- fwear, That I am truly and bond fide poffeffed of a clear Perfonal Eftate of the Amount or Value of One thoufand Pounds, and that I will truly 10 and *45 'Truftees holding Places of Profit not to aft. Ju ft tees may aA in both Chara&er*, Victuallers not to be Officers, or aft a Truf-tees. General Meetings of Truftees. $2GEORGIX III. and faithfully execute the Powers and Trufts repofed in me by an A£t of Parliament, pafled in the Fifty-fecond Year of the Reign of His Majefty King George the Third, intituled [hare fet forth the Title ofihti jffl-1 So help me GOD.' VI. Provided alfo, and be it enafted, That no Perfon ihall be capable of afting as a Truftee in the Execution of this Aft, during the Time he fliall hold any Place of Profit under this Aft ; and that all fuch Truftees as are Juftices of the Peace may act as Juftices of the Peace within their refpeftive Jurifdiftions in the Execution of this Aft, notwithftanding their being Truftees (except only in Cafes where they ihall be perfonally inte*...

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