Pastoral (Amendment) Measure 1994

Document Number:1994 No. 1
Coming into force:Coming into force on the 01/04/1994

A Measure passed by the General Synod of the Church of England to amend the Pastoral Measure 1983 , in so far as it relates to redundant buildings and land annexed or belonging thereto, in connection with financial matters, with the removal of the legal effects of consecration, with the discharge and modification of covenants and with the annual report of the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches; and to provide a new name for the Redundant Churches Fund.

[24 th March 1994]

1 Annual report of the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches

In section 41 of the Pastoral Measure 1983 (appointment of Advisory Board for Redundant Churches) in subsection (8)—

(a) for the word “calendar” there shall be substituted the word “reporting”;

(b) at the end there shall be inserted the words “; and in this subsection “reporting year” means the period of twelve months beginning on a date to be determined by the Board with the agreement of the Commissioners”.

2 Redundant Churches Fund

(1) Section 44 of the 1983 Measure (appointment of Redundant Churches Fund) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (5)—

(a) after paragraph (b) there shall be inserted—

“(bb) to let any property vested in the Fund on such terms (including terms as to the purposes for which it may be used) as the Commissioners may approve, after consultation with the bishop and the Advisory Board, being terms which the Commissioners consider reasonable and proper having regard to all the circumstances;

(bbb) in respect of any property which the Fund has let or is proposing to let under paragraph (bb) , to carry out such works as the Fund considers desirable, after consultation with the Advisory Board;”;

(b) in paragraph (c) for the words “such property” there shall be substituted the words “property vested in the Fund”;

(c) after paragraph (c) there shall be inserted—

“(cc) to assist, on payment of a fee, in the management of any place of Christian religious worship (not being a church or part of a church) which is vested in any body entrusted with functions similar to those of the Fund;”.

(3) In subsection (7) there shall be substituted—

“(7) The powers conferred on the Redundant Churches Fund by subsection (5)(b) and (bb) may be exercised so as to permit the use of a church or part of a church vested in the Fund for such worship (including worship by persons belonging to other Christian Churches) as may be authorised by the bishop after consulting the incumbent or priest in charge of the benefice in the area of which the church is situated.”.

(4) After subsection (7) there shall be inserted—

“(7 A) The terms of a lease granted under subsection (5)(bb) in respect of any property may provide that the property shall not be subject to the legal effects of consecration during the currency of the lease, notwithstanding the provisions of section 61(2).

(7 B) Where any such property has been let under subsection (5)(bb) and the terms of the lease provide to the effect that...

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