Paisley Police and Public Health Act 1901

Publication Date:January 01, 1901

Paisley Police and Public Health Act 1901

(1 Edw. 7) c. cciv

An Act to confer further powers on the Corporation of Paisley and to make further provision for the regulation of streets and buildings and the police and public health administration of the burgh and for other purposes

[9th August 1901]

CHAPTER cciv. An Act to confer further powers on the Corporation of AD. - 1901. Paisley and to make further provision for the regulation of streets and buildings and the police and public health administration of the burgh and for other purposes. [Sth August 1901.1 TEEREAS the provost magistrates and council of the burgh of 15 Paisley have certain powers and duties within the said burgh uiider the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act 1892 and Acts explaining or amending the saiiie and also under thc Public Health (Scotland) Act 1897 and the Paisley Improveiiieiit Act lS77 and ham further powera and duties under the Local Acts specified in the iiiucteentli subdivision of Schedule I11 of the said Rnrgh Police (Scotland) Rct 1892 ani! under various other Local Acts and it is expedieiit that further pomcrs sliould be conferred 011 them ailcl further provision should be made for the regulatioii of streets and buildings and the police and public health administration of the burgh for the supply of water and gas for the borrowing of money and for other purposes : Aiid whereas the purposes of this Act caiiiiot be effected without the authority of Parliament : illayit therefore pleaso Your Majesty that it inay be enacted and be it emctecl by thc Kiiig's most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Coniiiiom in this present Parlianieiit assembled and by the authority of the same as follows :- and Public Health Act 1`301. I, This Act may be cited for all purposes as the Paisley Police Short title. 2. This Act shall c3niinencc 011 the first clay of October one Date of ccIll.- n-enccmel:t. thousand nine liuiid~ed aiid one. [Price 3s.I A 1 -4.D. 1901. -.- To be rcatl 3. This Act shall be mad along with and constrned vith reference to the Burgh Police Act. 4. Tlie following words and expressions shall hive in this Act aiid in the Bnrgh Police Act in its application to Pnieley the several meanings by this section assigned to them nnless there be sonictliing in the subject or contest repugnant to snch coiistruction viz. :- (1) `` Building '' shall in addition to the meaning attached to it by tlie Burgh Policc Bet iacluclt: any hoardiiig otlier than the hoardings referred to in section oiie hundred and eighty-seven of the said Act aiicl also any platform balcony stand staging or other structure whether temporary OF 0th erwise for thc aeccnimodation of spectators at ally show or function : (2) " 33urgh" shall mean the burgh of Paisley within thc bouiiclarics for the pui-poses o the Burgh Police Act : . (3) " Yurgli Police Act " shall mean the Burgh Police (Scotiaud) Act 1692 and shall include any Act amending the same : (4) cc Centre line " as applied to any street shall mean tlie actual or approximate centre linc as sanctioned by tlie Dean of Guild Court or specified in the register of streets : (5) " Corporation " shali nican the provost magistrates ailcl council of tlic burgh of Paisley acting in mhsterwr capacity : (6) " Court" where by the context it alylies to a. space contiguous to buildings shall mean a court recess or area forming a coiniiion ~CCCSS to lands and premises separately occupied and from its form and construction not iiitenaccl or suited for general use by the public as an ordinary strect : (7) ;` Gnilcl offence " shall mean and iiiclude any act or omission to wliich R penalty is attached by this 011 any other Act or any byelaw connected with- (I) The laying out forming and coastrncting occupying for baildiiig purposcs or altering closing or breakiiig up any street ; (n) The erecting taking ~10~1-11 altering adding to or repairing any building ; (c) The form coiistruction sanitary requirements or main- tenance of any building ; (D) Tlie area for lighting aud ventilation to bc proided foi. any baildiiig ; (E) The occupation as sleeping apaytnieats of any parL of a building ; Police Act. Definitions. 2 [l EDTI-. i.] Paisley Police mcl Public Zectlth [Ch. cciv.] Act, 1901. (F) The erecting taking clown altering adding to lighting A.D. 1901, (a) The fencicg of any ground ; (H) Projections against or in front of any building ; (I) Opciiiiigs in any strect ; (J) The construction or mainteunnce of any sewer or branch (IC) The huilding rules enacted by the Burgh Police Act ; (L) The submission of any plans to the Corporation or Deoii (11) Any order issued by the Dean of Guild Court or (in the (8) " IIollomr ` square " shall niean any square parallelogram triangle polygon circle or other regular or irregular figure of ground of a less snperficial area tlian one acre bouncld on all sides by oiic or more streets in such a manner as to perinit of buildings being erected all round its margiii so as eiitirely to eiiclose the intwior space : (9) "Lnne" shall mean any street of fifteen feet or under in width which is used niliolIy or mainly for access to stables or other buildings not abutting upon a street of grcntcr viclth or as a back access to clwel!ing-houses or Gther 1)uilcliugs facing a street : (10) " New strcet " shall froiii and after the coiiipletion of the register of streets provided for lq this Act iiieaii any street not then entered iii said register : (11) " Private court" shail mean any court rnaiiitsinccl or liable to be niaintainecl by persons other than the Corporation : (12) " Private lane " shall mean any lane maintained or liable to (13) " Public court " shall men11 any court other tliaii a primte (14) `` Public lane " shall mean any lane other than a private lane : (15) `` Public street " shall mean niiy street othcr than a private strect : (16) " Recess " when used iii connesion vith a dwelling-house shall mean and include any recess having no separate window which is not open froiii front to back froiii floor to ceiling aiid from side to side and is not free froni fixtures : (17) `` Sky-sign " shall mean any wort1 letter iiioclcl sigil (lei-ice or representation in the nat LIE of an atlvcrtiseiiient announce- inent or tlirectioii snppor!d 011 or attaclked to any pst pole - fencing or using aiiy hoarding staging or scaffolding ; drain aiicl provision for roo and surface water ; of Guild Oourt ; case of minor alterations) by the burgh surveyor : be maintained by persoiis other than tlie Corpor a t' ion: c0m.t : -1 2 3 A.D. 1901. standard framework or other support wholly or in part over any house building or structure which shall in wliole or part be visible against the sky from any point in any street or public ~vay and includes all and every part of any such post pole standard framework or other support The expression sEiall also include any similar device employed mliolly 01- in part for the purpose of any advertisement or announcement on or over any building structure street or public way but shall iiot be deemed to include (1) any flagstaff or pole or (2) any vane 01' weather cock mless adapted or used wholly or in pad, for the purpose of any advertisement or announcement or (3) any sign which is securely fixed to or against but iiot over any building or which rests iiniiiediately upon the top of any mall or building being of one continuous face and not open mcrk : (1s) " Tenement " shall mean any building occupied in separate flats or portions of flats by two or more occupiers : (19) Other words arid expressions in this Act shall have the same meaning as in the Burgh Police Act. 1 Ilc~orpol'n- 5. The provisions of the Lands Clauses Acts are hereby incorporated with this Act except where the same are expressly varied by or inconsistent with this Act. 6. In its applicsttion to the burgh of Paisley the Burgh Police -4ct ~inll be modified or extended in the following particulars :- (1) Tiie word " drain " in sections two hundred and forty-three two hundred ancl forty-four 2nd two hundred ancl forty-five shall inciude all soil pipes and all other pipes traps and apparatus used for or in connexion with the removal of sewage or waste water ; (2) The words "common courts" whcre they occur together in section one hundred and five shall be read as "comnion stairs `' ; (3) Section one hundred arid sixteen shall be held as repcaled so far as relating to snow ; (a) The provisions of sections one hundred and thirty-three to one hundred and forty inclusive shail exteiid t,o all private streets whether houscs or permanent builcii ngs have been erected on any part of them or not and shall include thc making of such drains as may be necessary for carrying cff tllc surplus watrr of such streets It shall not be obligatory 011 ihc Corporation in any czse to take over my street under -I 111 o di fi c a t io 11 of JZ@l Police Act. 4 section one hundred and thirty-four unless the owiiers of at A.D. 190l. least one-half in length of tlic frontage request, the same to be taken over Tlie Corporation shall be enLitled to excrcise the option of macadamising conferred by section one huiiciml and thirty-six in all cases except where a written iq7resentntion agaiizsl s::cli macadamising and insistring upon l'a~iiig or cau.sewsying instead by the owners of two-thirds oE the frontage of such street is witliiii fourteen days from 'uhe date of the notice after nientionc:l presented to the Corporation Befue executing aiiy operations under the aforesaid sections the Corporation shall intimate their intention to do so by posting one or more handbills in the street or pxt of the street in question and by sending notice to all tlie owiiers of lands or heritages fronting OF abutting thereon as appearing in the valuation roll aiicl the pcriocl for appealiiig against thc resolution of the Corporation shall run from the latest date of any such notice ; (5) Tlie Corporation may exercise the powcr...

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