Ordination of Women (Financial Provisions) Measure 1993

Document Number:1993 No. 3
Coming into force:Coming into force on the 05/11/1993

A Measure passed by the General Synod of the Church of England to make provision as to the relief of hardship incurred by persons resigning from ecclesiastical service by reason of opposition to the ordination of women as priests, and for connected purposes.

[5 th November 1993]

1 Entitlement to residential and financial benefit

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Measure, every person to whom this section applies shall be entitled, on application, to—

(a) participate, in accordance with section 2 below, in any church housing scheme; and

(b) receive from the Board financial benefit consisting of—

(i) a resettlement grant in accordance with section 3 below; and

(ii) periodical payments in accordance with section 4 below.

(2) This section applies to every clerk in Holy Orders, deaconess or licensed lay worker who—

(a) was in whole-time stipendiary ecclesiastical service (being service which is pensionable service for the purposes of the pensions regulations) within the Province of Canterbury (including the Diocese in Europe) or the Province of York at the relevant date or at any time during the period of six months immediately preceding that date;

(b) at the relevant date has performed a period of such ecclesiastical service of not less than five years or a succession of periods of such ecclesiastical service (whether with or without intervals) amounting in the aggregate to not less than five years;

(c) within the period commencing six months immediately before the relevant date and ending ten years immediately after that date has ceased to be in such ecclesiastical service consequent on his resigning therefrom;

(d) within the period of ten years immediately after the relevant date has made a declaration in the form set out in the Schedule to this Measure stating that he would not have resigned but for his opposition to the promulgation of the relevant Canon;

(e) has not attained the retiring age;

(f) is not in receipt of a pension under the pensions regulations.

2 Housing

Section 26 of the [1961 No. 3.] Clergy Pensions Measure 1961 (powers of Board as to provision of residences) and any church housing scheme shall have effect for the purposes of this Measure as if—

(a) any reference in that section or scheme to a retired clerk in Holy Orders included a reference to a clerk in Holy Orders to whom section 1 above applies; and

(b) any reference in that section or scheme to a retired church worker included a reference to a deaconess or licensed lay worker to whom section 1 above applies.

3 Resettlement grants

(1) A resettlement grant under section 1(1)(b) above shall be a single payment of an amount equal to three-tenths of the national minimum stipend for the year in which application for the grant was made or such greater amount as the Board may, with the concurrence of the Commissioners, determine.

(2) Such a grant shall not be paid unless the Board is satisfied that the applicant was, immediately before the material time, residing in accommodation made available to him in order to enable him to undertake the service from which he has resigned.

4 Periodical payments

(1) Subject to subsection (2) below, periodical payments under section 1(1)(b) above shall be paid monthly to the applicant during a period expiring at the end of—

(a) such number of months immediately following the material time as results from adding together—

(i) one month for each year or part of a year during which the applicant has served in whole-time stipendiary ecclesiastical service; and

(ii) one month for each year or part of a year which...

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