Mitford and Launditch (Norfolk) Poor Relief Act 1801

Publication Date:January 01, 1801
Mitford and Launditch [Norfolk] Poor Relief Act 1801

(41 Geo. 3) c. lxiii

An Act to alter, amend, and render more effectual an Act passed in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intituled, An Act for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor within the Hundreds of Mitford and Launditch, in the County of Norfolk

[20 June 1801]

ANNO QUADRAGES1MO PRIMO III. REGIS. **##*#**###**# *****#*#***^ Cap. 63. An A 51 to alter, amend, and render more effectual an Ad paiTed in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign f His prefent Majefty, intituled, An ASil for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor within the tiundre^s: of Mitford and, Launditch,: in the County df Nt rfolk; [20th June iSoi.l THBRE^ by an Ad f afled in the Fifteenth Year of the Re%n preamble. ' of?&is ^iitmm^i intituled, An M'fo^thbe^ and Emph^ent of WfiPoof within the Hundreds tf[Mit£or$%kd recited* Laund'tch in the County of NfcMBk, ^certain Persons'qualified ^s th^fein- mentioned vJere incorporated Bjr \tib Name of The Guardians of tl?e Poor within the Hundreds of MitfoV3 "Bnd Laonditch/i# tbi CoUritrbf Norfolk, ahd vi^ be One Body Politick and Corporate in'/^w/ariid'tQ hpitperpetual Succeffion, and acomrrtbn Seal; and'Dire&ioWs were^tven for cH^ofing Cerxain Perfons to be I^irfeftors, arid certain ft^Her Pdrfons detcfibed fa the faid Aft were^appointl3 to be'Directors of the'£bdf With in tK^' &id 'Hundreds, and they were Authorized and1 required 'Po'cb^trad: fSFcir ^lirchate Latids, or Buildings, aft$ tp4 Build and efefl: and fdrriiTh ftfitkWe4 Buildmgs/or rhe Reception* and Employment* of the Poor bf the fli 3\mcnrporared;i Hundreds, afad tb provide & Stock of Mate rial*, and 'X'Loc. fcf Per.2 *3 G to ii30 4iG£0RG£I life Cap. 6$ to appoint proper Officers to condaft and manage the fame as in the fafd Aft is mentioned: And when the faid Buildings fhould be completed and properly fitted up for the Reception of the Poor of the faid Incor porated Hundreds, Twenty-four Guardians wets* to be chofen, who with the faid Dire&ors to be chofen and appointed as afofefa*d, were to be the Dirt-dors and Ailing Guardians of the faid P#&r; And *he faid Di- reft rs and Afting Guardians were empowered to borrow and fake up at Intereft any Sum or Sums of Money not extibgdiag in the W|ofe the Sum of Fifteen thoufand Poinds, and to afligtt over all or any Part of the Poors Rates, to be collected within the faid Hundreds, as a Security for the Repayment of the Principal and Intereft of the Money fo to be bor rowed : And the faid Directors and Afting Guardians were empowered to aflefs with as mpch Equality and Indifference as poffibk, certain Average Annual Sum and'Swjs pf "Money* *k*? epcc^ecjrng tjie refpeftive Rates therein-mentioned, -upon the feveral Parifihes, Hamlets* and Places with in the faid Hundreds, as the faid Direftors and Afting Guardians fhould judge neceflary for paying the Intereft due on the faid Debt, and for de- fraying the Expence^^f the cufrept .Quarter, mid for mi towards paying off and discharging life faid Principal Debt, and to raife and levy fitcfy Stm and Sums of Money fo'to be atffeffed try them irrfttch Manner as rft the faid Aft is prefcribed : And whereas the Direftors and Afting Guar dians appointed and chofen by virtue of the faid recited Aft, did proceed to carry the fame into Execution, and did caufe a large JHfoufe to be ereft- ed tand b|$v for ^ &e Poor of the laid, Incorporated Hundreds, and 3 canffderabte Debt was incurred in building and furniihing the fame, and a certainAltrage Annual Payment or Con tribution was in purfuance of the fold A# rated, charged, and impofed by the faid Direftors and Afting Guardians upon each oi the Parifhes, Hamlets, and Places within ^t|^ ^Mr If^ilrporated Hundreds, for cbts Purpofe of defraying the Charges and Bxpences of carrying on andexew c*ijtw g fcb^kidA$* and^ftand Cowards wmm * ff thefaid Dttrtartd *h£ Intereft theredf: And^ w|f|casihe Pi^^k^ of the Ja*4 recited Aft have been faixntflifyExfkrw^ die Porpofes thereby in* t^ndtdv.jdltfte. A Wal,A*#fJg£ J^vtmrn f& ra&rd *nd impoftd upon the leyemf JPari(h^^^|i^ Places within the faid Incorporated Hundred^, are riot o5^^ many $Lthe f^tdpariilies, Hamlfi%|pfeiPta^* b*& Have m^hemfound to ta^lna-depaie tQ the Pu^^fe^keeping down the Intereft $jtbe feidJQltf t, ami defraying the^peftees of maintaining the F9j^|f 'tffe laid Inco|po-rr^4:Hu^redf ^^a.i^^- IM ^to a cf^i^P^k ^Anwung*|hat|* bepincurred 4rtd^f %wi ^oof^ (^^ l3fgi?f ^^^^ co( "&e;^jfuffic^eiii ftpr the fm^rlf and pi^ art pf SfflU - plo^d therein % for. Remedy Mm^^^ iifc order lomdte .further %%d efje&ua) Provjfton, for tw mmt^i^^i^ $mp%a#0£ # thf Pq^c ti^jajid M0fmpt of the fmdrt^^:'M^ it pJeafe-X^M^^£^^'ii. m^mM^di I and beat eoa$edra*?id declared by ilkj^ Jeq(,^^ff^||jr:and lyiijJx, the Advfc^ and Confentsf^^ %.j^^ %iittt^f and Ijf^^i^^ ParJiarn^Ev^tttfelcd, ao^.'ijy! As to difmiff- tfuR.^Uiw^ycbf'.r^'&^^^T^t^^ttuch' and fuelii ^arit al" the faid re-ing poorchil- cite^^as: prov&ito^*^ CJiildrea which at any time IhaJl be matotafned by tfcej^p^ii^faians IhfJI retiJ^ under th^ir Government the W^m until *ky"^ and the Females aj: the, *Aiks 41 GEORGII III. Cap. 63. 1131 Age of Fourteen Years refpe&ively* and that fuch Children (hall have attained fuch Ages rcfpeftivcly they fhall be ditcharged from the Rule and Government of the faid Guardians and be at their own Difpofal, fhall be and the fame is hereby repealed, IL And be it hereby enafted and declared, That all poAr Children Ch:!drentobe which (hall at any Time be fent to and maintained in the faid Houfe (hatl j£^^Guar6 during fuch Time as they (hall continue therein be and remain under the bu. Care and Government of the faid Guardians in the fame Manner as poor Perfons maintained in the faid Houfe are bv the faid recited Ad declared to be under the Government and Management of the faid Guardians4 IIL Provided always^ and be it etia&ed and declared, That it (hall For binding ^ and may be lawful to and for the faid Directors and A&ing Guardians at *. PPrcnu* any General Annual Meeting* or at any of their Quarterly Meetings, to be held by them in piirfuancc of the faid recited Aft, by and with the Confent of any Two Juftices of the Peace tor the County of Norfolk, to bind any poor Mate or Female Child or Children maintained in the faid Houfe to be Apprentices to any Occupier or Occupiers of Lands or Tenements, or to any Perfon or Perfons ufing any Trade in any Parifli, Hamlet, or Place within the faid Hundreds or either of them, whom they fhall judge to be proper Perfons to take fuch poor Child or Children as Ap-prentices, or to the Governor for the Time being erf the faid Houfe, ap-pointed or to be appointed by virtue of the faid recited Art, or to any proper Perfons willing to take fuch poor Child or Children as Apprentices, or to bind fuch Male Child or Children Appr^nices in the Sea Service to any Captain, Maftcr or Owner of anv Ship or Vtffel, in like Manner as Churchwardens and Overfeers of the P o^ with the Affent of the Juftices of the Peace, are by the Laws now in being empowered to do: Provided that fuch Apprentkefhip fhall not extend as to luch Male Children beyond the Age of Twenty-one Year*, or as to mch Female Children beyond the Age of Eighteen Years, and ch Ptrfons to whom fuch poor Child or Children fhall be fo bound Apprentices, fhall be ob* liged to receive and provide for them as Apprentices, in like Manner as fuch Perfons are or might be now obliged by the Laws in bting to provide for Apprentices, and no Apprentice fo bound as afcrefaid fhall foe afllgfred or turned over to any Perfon or Perfons whomfoever without the previous Confent of the faid Dire&ors and A&ing Guardians at their annual or quarterly Meetings, (to be held as afore laid}* arid ihen fat thd Remainder of the original Term only and to One of the fame Trade* Bufmefs, or Occupation, (except for fome particular and fufficient-Kea-fon) j and that all Perfons to whom fuch Apprentices fhall be fo affigned or turned over (hall he obliged to receive and provide for them in the fame Manner and tinder the fame Penalties and Forfeitures as the Perfons to whom- they were firft bound as aforefaid were obliged to receive and provide for them* any Law or Ufage to the contrary not* withftanding. '?-IV. Provided always* and it is hereby further enabled and declared* Dueling*how That in placing or binding ofct fuch poor Children as Appreftutes to any ^anprende11 Perfon or Perfons-, refiding Within either of the faid Incorporated Hun- ed. dreds^ the faid Dire&ors a&dAfting Guardians* flba.ll http://flba.ll and may richer bind out fuch Children as Apprentices cq fome Perfon or Perfons refiding in 5 T132 41GEORGII III. &dp. 63. in the l^ariftu Hamlet, or Place in which fuc;h poor Children are refpeo* tivcly leg )ly fettled, or to any Pcrfon or Perlons refidmg in any other Pariffc Hami t, or Place, within the laid incorporated Hundreds, as to the laid Dlr rectors and a&mg Guardians (hall in their Difcretion feem meer^fo thatthc Number of Children, of either Sex, to be bound out in any Farifh, Ham* ler, or Place, fhall not exceed the Njumber ofCWidren, of either* Sfext brlongmg to fuch Parifh, Hamlet, or Place refpedti^eiy, who fhall then be maintained in the faid Houfey and whkh arc to besfo placed or bound out Apprentices as aforefaid. Directors to V- Provided alfo, and bejt hereby enabled and declared, That in placing enquire into out fuch poor ChiIdrtftApprentices as aforefaid9 within the faid incorpo* Pe*^nsltaVk-'f ate(^ Hundreds, the feid Diredlots ^ ing A^pren- Regard not only to *K£ annual Vaifct of the Heredifcarnteiits knd Prenrfift* nces' occupied by the Perftih or Pcrfons with whom fodi fGJbtlrfv or Children ihall be placed, bot alfo to the Extent x i the Tt*ade or Bufinefe ca& riedon by fuch Perlon or P#^ their Ability, in all Refpe fts to keef* atod nm&^^ ot Apprentices. Former Aa VI. Provided alfo, aid bd it...

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