London County Council (General Powers) Act 1892

Publication Date:January 01, 1892

London County Council (General Powers) Act 1892

(55 & 56 Vict.) c. ccxxxviii

An Act to empower the London County Council to make a Street Improvement at Sandy's Row Spitalfields to acquire and manage land for various purposes in the Administrative County of London to extend the time for purchase of land for the Thames Tunnel (Blackwall) and for other purposes

[20th June 1892]

[55 & 56 VICT.] London Coz~nty Cou~zcil [Ch. ccxxxviii.] (GeizemZ POZUCYS) Act, 1892. OHAPTER ccxxxviii. An Act to eiirpower the Loiidoii County Coiliicil to riiakc a Street Iinproveinent at Sandy's Row Spitnlfields to acquire aiid inanage laiiti for various purposes in tlrc Administra- tive County of Loiidon to extend the time for purchase of` 1:tntl for tlie Tliaiiies Tiinnel (Blnclmdl) ancl for otlicr - 1t(92* 1""poscs. pstil J~~~~~ I SD~. 1 it is expwlient to confer on tlie London County WHEREAS Couiicil (herein-after called " the Coiiiicil ") powers to make the improvement at Sandy's Row Whitechapel as herein-after described : And whereas the Council require for the eiilargemeiit of their Fire Brigade station at Clerkenmell certain land ad joiriiiig that station and it is expedient that they should be empowered to purchase the saiiie : Ancl wliereas the time limited by tho Thames Tnnnel (Black- sock 51 Vict. mall) Act 1857 and the Thames Tuiiiiel (Blackwnll) Act 1888 ilck;i+ict, for the coiiipulsory purchase of land for the purposc of the works c Ivii. thereby authorised will expire on the eighth clay of August one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two and it is expeclieiit that the Council should have further time for tlie purchase of the said lmcls : And Tvhereas it is expedient in the circunistances heronfter dcscrihod that further poT-rers should be conferred on the Coiiiicil with regard to certain ope:] spaces viz. :- (a) Open spaces kiiomii as Peckham Rye Goose Green and Nunliead Green in the parish of Saiiit Giles Caiiiberwell are vested in the Council for mniiiteiiance as open spaces under the powers of ilie Metropolitan Board of Works (Various Powers) 15 L~ `IG Vict* Act 1S82 ancl the Council have entered into a provisional arrangeiiieiit for exchanging a small piece of land part of such open spaces for aiiotlier piecs of land in the immediate neigh- bourhoocl thereof which exchange will effect an improvement of the said open space and it is expedient that they should be empowered to give effect to such arrangement ; c. lvi. [PI~c~ IS. 3tl.I A 1 [Ch. ccxxxviii.] Londo,iL Comity Couiicil [55 & 56 VICT.] (Ge~crnl Yoiocm) Act, 1892. A.1). 1892. (b) There arc certain pieces of land on either side of Highgate Road in tlic parish of Saint Pancras the acquisition of which by the Comicil or the vestry of the said parish would be convenient in order to s~ciirc the maintenance of the said pieces of land as gartleiis or otlieiwiac as in this Act providccl : Ant1 whereas the Couiicil arc desirous of acquiring the Victoria Fork Ceiiiotery in tlic parish of Saint Matthew Bethnal Green in the comty of London (liereiii-after cnllcd " the Victoria Park Ceinetciay ''1 for the piirposes for which they may acquire cemeteries or burial grounds situate within tho metropolis under the Metro- politaii Open Spaces Act 1881 and the Open Spaces Act 188'7 but sireh ceiiietery having been excepted from the provisions as to the discoiitinuanco of liurials contaiiied in the Burial Act 1552 has not beeii and cannot bo closed for burials by an order of Her Majesty in Council under such last-mentioned Act : And whereas 110 burial has taken place in the Victoria Perk Cemetery since the year 1876 : And whereas it is expedient that provision shoul(1 be inade as in this Act set forth for the enforcement of byelaws inade by the Council in relation to their ferries ancl that the existing powers of tlic Council a3 to byeliiws with re-pect io brlclges should be extended subject to the provisions of this Act to other bridges belonging to the Couiicil and to bridges belonging jointly to the Council and tlic councils of adjoining counties : Ancl whcreas the Council have caused to be deposited with the clerk of the peace for the county of London plans and sectioiis describing the line and levels of the x-orks by this Act authorisecl a:id thr lands which inay be taken for the purposes thereof and a book of reference to such plans containing the riames of the owners ancl lessees or reputed omiiers arid lesrees and of the occupiers of thote lnncls and such plans sections and book of reference are respectiveiy referred lo in this Act as the deposited plan# section3 and book of reference : Ancl whereas estimates have been prepared by the Council as to tlic amount which tliey will require to expend out of borroF\red money or inoney raised by the creation and is3ue of stock for the purposes of this Act and such estimates are as follows :- - Sandy's Row Iinprorement - - - 3111,375 viz. :- For the portion to be made by the For ihc contribution to be made in respect of the continuation of the said improvement to Council - - S81,500 Bishopsgaie Street Without - - &29,875 2 And whereas by Part IV. of the London Council (General Powers) Act 1891 powers are coliferred on the London Comity Council for the cstablishment of a superannuation mid provident f rind for the piirposes and subjcct, to tho provisions therein spccified : Aiitl wliereas the Coiincil propose by a scheme under the said Act to establish such a fnnd by means of contributions partly by way of cl~~liictio~~s from salary or wagcs of persoils ciititled to the benefit of tlio scliemc ancl partly l~y coiitribiitio1i.i paid to the fund by tlic Council : hid wlrereas by section 64 of thc said Act Gf 1891 it is provided nmongsl other things that, any such scheme ,411311 coiitaiii the followiiig provi ioii :- .' 'l'lic rc1)resent:Ltivcs of any contributing member who (not 1i:~~iiig bccii guilty of fi*autl or clislioiiesty or misconduct which irivolv(1s 1Jccc"iiiai.y loss to the Councd) shall die before he beconies entitled io any huefit under the scheme on rehignation or retireinelit shall be entitlrd to receive back the whole contributions of such member with interest as afore- said and shall bare no further claiiii upon r;he fund ": And whereas it is reasonable having regard to the nature of the proposed scheme that the Council should be enabled to secure to the rel~resentatives of contributing members (in the contingency montioned in the said recited paragraph of the said section) a right to participate not only in the portion of the fund derived from the contributions of the members but albo tlie portion of the fund derived from contributions by the Conncil And it is also reasonable that the Coiuicil should be enablcd to secure to contributing members in the event of retirement from the service of the Council by reason of incapacity occasioned by ill-health a similar right so to participate : Ancl whereas the objects aforesaid cannot be accomplished without the authority of Parliament : May it therefore pleam Your Majesty that it may be enacted and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual aiid Temporal mcl Commons: in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of tlie same as follows (that is to say) :- A-1)- 18%. -- PART I. INTRODUCTORY. 1. This Act may be cited as the London County Council ((leiieral Sliort tit!c. 2. 111 this Act the following words and expressions have the Intcrpi'rtn- Powers) Act 1892. sereral nieanings hereby assigned to them unless there be something ti"11 A:! 3 A D. 1S%. in the subject or context repugnant to such construction (that is to sayj :- .~ '' The Council " means the LondOn County Council ; The improvement " means the widening and improvement of Sandy's Row by this Act authorised ; '' Strect " has the meaning assigned to that term in the Metro- polis Management Act 1855 and the Acts amending tho sainc ; Whon any matter shall require to he done before justices the expression " two justices " shall be underst800d to mean two justices acting towther in petty sessions or a nietropoiitan police magistrate sitting alone ; 9 (' Lossec " includes any person holding a sub-lease ; And the several words and expressions to which by the Acts wholly or partly incorporated herewith meanings are assigned have in this Act thc sanie respective meanings unless there bo in the subject or context something repugiiant to or incoii~i~ten t with such constrnction : Provided tliat for the purposes of this Act the expressions " the promoters of the undertaking " ancl " the company " in the Lands Clauses Acts shall be construed to rncan the Council ancl tliat for the purposes of this Act the expression " superior courts " or " conrt of competent jurisdiction " or any other like expression iu this Sct or any Act wholly or partly incorporated herewith shall be read and havo effect as if the debt or demand with respect to which the cxpression is used were a simplo contract debt and not a debt or demand created by statute. 3. The Lands Clauses Acts are (except where expressly varied by IIlCW])OIYL- tio'lof ''nllt'r this Act) incorporated with and form part of this Act, ('lnll'C4 Act.. PART 11. SANDY'S How INPROVEJIENT. I'owei tri t oniicil 10 ~ll::ld TV0r.kS. 4. Subject to the provisions of this Act in the lines ancl within tlic limits of deviat'ion shown on the clepositecl plans and accorcling to the levels shown on the depositod sectlions the Council may widen and improve Sandy's Row and Middlesex Street partly in the parishes of Saint Mary Wliitcchapcl and Christ Churcli Spitslficlds in the county of London and partly in the parishes of Saint Botolph Without Aldgate and Saint Botolph Without Bishopsgnto in the City of London coinrnencing in the parish of Saint Mary WIiite- chapel at the junction of Wentworth Street with Middlcsex Street 4 [55 & 56 VICT.] LOMJOII 6'orLlrt!j Co~d [Ch. ccxxxviii.] (G,'di'lYLL 1 '07U('l'd) Act, 189'2...

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