Local Government Board's Provisional Order Confirmation (No.11) Act 1901

Publication Date:January 01, 1901

Local Government Boards Provisional Order Confirmation (No.11) Act 1901

(1 Edw. 7) c. clxix

An Act to confirm a Provisional Orders of the Local Government Board relating to Stockport

[9th August 1901]

1 A.D. 1901. - [Ch. clxix.] Local Government Board's [l EDW. 7.1 P~ovisionni: Oi*der Co?~jii*mcition (No. 11 1 Act, 1901. 8 CHE DU LE. BOROUGH 0% STOCICPORT. To the Aiay~r Aldernicii and Burgesses of the Borough of Stockport ; - To tlie Justices of the Peace for the said Borough ; - To the School Attendance Conimittee appoiuted by the Council of the To the Justices of the Peace for the County Palatinc of Lancaster in To tlic Justices of the Peace fQr the County of Chester in Quarter To the Ccuiity Council of the County Palatine of Lancaster ; - To the County Council of Chester ; - To the Urban District Couiicils of Brcdbury and Roiniley Cheadle atid Gatley Hazel Grove and Biaiiihall Heaton Norris and Reddish ; - To the School Attendailce Coiiimittzes appointed by the UrLan District Counciis of Bredbury and Roniiley Cheadle ancl Gatley Heat on Norris and Reddish respectively ; - To the Riiral District Coiincil of Stockport ; - To the Guardians of the Poor of the Stockport Union;- To the School Board for the i'ari5h of Hazel ~~rove-cum-BmmlialI ; - To tlie Parish Council of Briiinington ; - To the Overseers of tlie Pool. of each of the Parishes of Erinnington Che~ldle HLizel Grovc-cuin-Bra;iihali Heaton Norris nnJ Stockp )rt and tlie Townships of Brcdbui-y ani1 r\ecldish ; - said Borough ; - Quai ter Sessions assembled ; - Sessioiis assembled ; - And to all others who111 it may concern, 91 52yict. WHEREAS by Section 54 of the LO:~ Governinent Act 1585 the Local c. 41. Government Board are einpowcred to make a. Provisional Order for altering tbe boundary of any Borough and by such OrJer to divide or alter any electoral division ; And whereas the Boi-ou_:li of Stockport is a County BorongIi within the ~iieaniiig of the Local Government Act 1888 ancl the inhabit:rrits are a body corporate by the name of thc Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Eorougli of Stockport and act by the Council of the said Borough whic11 now consists 2 [l EDW. 7.1 Zocul Gonemmeilzt Board's [Ch. clxix.] F;?.ovisionuZ O?*de?* Confi?*mution (No. 1 1 ) Act, 15101 of tile Mayor (who is also a Coiincillor) fourteen hltleiniei~ ant1 forty-one A.D. lS01. Stockport other Councillors ; And whereas the said Borough is for thc purpose of tlic election of (hder. Councillors divided in to foul teen war dr termed resi)ectivcIy tlic Ward No. 1 01' Lmcasliii e Hill Ward thc W:ircl No. 2 or Heaton Lane Ward tlie 1V:~iil BO 3 or Old Road Watd thc 137~~~1 Xo. 4 or Portwood \Yard tlie Ward No. 5 01' St. \$'arc1 the W3rd No. G or Vernon \Tarcl t'Je Ward No. 7 or Spring Bank 1TT;iicl the Ward No. 8 or Holly-wootl \\'nrcl the Warcl No. 9 OT Eclgcley Wild the Warcl NO. 10 or Shnw-Ilcatli Ward the 1Varrl KO. I1 01' St. Tll0111as Ward the TVai.,l No. 12 or Kemp~ha~v-Liin~ W:L~CI tlie Ward No. 13 or Cale-Grccn Warcl and llie War3 No. 14 or IIeavilcy Wnid ; Aiid wlieress thc said Boioligli is an lirban Sanitary Ilistrict of which the Mayo:. Alcleriiien aiid Rurgeices acting by the Council are the Urban Sanitary Authority ; And v licieaq the said Borough has a sepai ate coiiiiiiission of the peacc and police force ; And wllertas the unrepenlc~.l pro~7iclio113 of the Local Acts and Coiifirniation Acts mentiorlei1 in the scLetlulc to tEis Order 50 fir as the hst-nientionecl Act., relate t5i tllc Proviiioiial Orclercl mci?tioncd in that Lcliedulc are in force in the said Corougli ; And whereas the Urbm Sanitary Authority have adopted the provisions of- - (CL) The Inftctiouq Disease (P1eveiition) Act 1890 ; 53 & 54 Get. c. 31. 53 Le 54 VlCt. c. 59. 54 R .55 Vi& c. 22. (b.) The Ptiblic Henltli Acts hriiendiiicnt Act la90 : ancl (c.; The Blttseiitii, and Gj711asiii1ii~ Act 1891 ; o in vlct c 71. :in11 those piwisiuns are accordjngly in force in tlie said Ijorougli ; Public Libraries Acts 1S92 and 1S93 are ill force in the wid Borough ; And whereas the Urban I i.;tricts of Bredbury and Eomiley Clicaclle and Gatley and Ha7cl Giorc ancl Dramhall ancl tlic Parish of Briniiingtoii all in tl,e County of Chester ancl the Urba:i Districts of Hcaton Norris awl Redtlisli both in tlie County Palatilie of Laiicuster iiiimedi~~tely itcljojn tlie said Borough ; And whereas the Urban District of Eredbury ancl Roniiley includes the Township of Bredbury and is subject to the juiidiction of the TTrban District Council of Bredbury aiid Roniiley ; And wlicri-as the Uilmn Disti ict of C'lieadle ni?cl Gatley iiicludes tlic Pariih of Clieadle and iq subject to the juridiction of the Urban Ui,trict Council of Clicatlle and Gatlex ; And whereas the Urban Jjistrict of Hazel Grove am1 Biaii~hall iq eo-extensive with ihe Paris11 of Hazel Grove cum 13mniliall arid is subject to the jurisdiction of the Urban Distrjct Council of Hazel Grove and Bi-ziinliall ; And wheieas the Urban Dibtrict Councils of Rrcdbury and Romiley and Clieaille and G:I tley hare adoyitcd the provisions of the Public Health Act. 10 & 11 VlCt c 01. Aitd wlicreas the Cathcl aiid JT'xsliliru~cs Acts lSlG to 1899 ancl th. A2 3 Alii! 1~1 !iciit Act 1 IO i~nd tho c: l)rovi\ioiis arc accottliiigly iti i`orcc. iii tJ1i. T Ti 1,:iii l)idl ieti of Biw11)rii~y ;~ii!l Roiiii1c.y 11;t1 Ciicizt!lc :1i111 CcLt!(iy , ,\ntI niicie~- th" TriIx~n ljic,:rict OF Iiccxi )ii ? orri\ io c?-cstcniirc ith tho ?uiA of Iica,t 11 Kurriq :slid is ~ui!j~x' to the cjuliviicti*,n of tlic ITIIJL~~ vlieizFL, til.: C1,hiu Di5triet Reddish is c ,-estcnsive wit11 th? Yoivniliip of Rcdclish arid is suhject t? the jurisdiction of the Uibaii DisLrict c'otind of ne(ltlish ; Ancl whereas tlie Urban L)i ti ict Couiicilv of H caton Noiris and Reddish hue adopted the proviiions of- t Cl~ancil ~f I [(xat(,il So, ri, , (cI.) The Infect;ous Disenv ( F'L erelition) Act I8C.O ; aud (b.) Tiw !'ub!ic IIen!tli Act, Riiieiidniciit Act 1890 I ibia15 8~ ;,ccoitiiii:;;y in force i I the T'iban Districts of Heaton Korris antl rLedc1i~li : Ant1 whe~.~ as ilic PcLtish of l3:rinnin;toii is a contributory place in the Rural D;\triet of St xkpoit mcl is suhjcct to th3 ju~iscliction of tlic Rnral 1)isti;ct Conncil of SiocLport , Ai.d whereas tlic Uiban I i rrict of Plie.uIle ancl Gatley is eo-exten-ii-e with the Chede Electord D):visior; of the Coni~ty of Clic ter ancl the Urban District of Crccll~ur\r ant1 Roinilq pmt )f tbc Urhen Didiict of Hazel Grove an(l Granihnll ani1 the l'ai*ish 0;` nriiiniiigtoii ale includcd in the Bredbriry Electoral Division of ilint Couiity antl the reiiia;ndel* of the Urbsn District of IIizel GLOVC xnd L:riLiiiliaii ii inclwleil in tho Rra:nhall Elcctcml Division of Ai1d wherias Cviie Urban Districts of Heaton Noiris and Recl(lis!i arc includecl in the ITeaton Norris %lectural DiF-ision of the County Palatine of `U llCiLsttr ; Ant1 I\ hereus the saitl Rxough is eo-extensive with the Pcirisli of Stockport and that purish sncl tlie mid Parishes of Brinniligton Cheadle Hazel Grove. cum Brainl1a11 and Heaton Sorris and the snid Townships of Bredhury aiid Rwldish are included in (he Stockport Union ; An\t n herens the Purish of Stockport is for the purposes of the election of guardians diviiled into fourteen wnids wliieli bear the same ncinies as and are c?-exteusive with the :;;,ove-iiicntio:iecl wnrck slid two guardians are elected for the Tomnsliip of R~(lcli~11. Ancl ~~hcrc,zs oce Ifiiral T)i\trict !,Yonncillor is elected to represent the said Parish of Erinnington on the said Rural District Council : And w1ierec1s the said Parish of Eririniiigton i-, :L Rural Parish lvithin tile meaning of the Local Government Act 1894 for which a Parish Council lias been estahlis'icd , Ancl whereas the said Pai ish of Hazel Grove-cnm-I~ramliall is a &hool District for \\ I,ich a School Eoard has beta foimed tlic said BorougJ1 19 sub.ject to the juiisdiction of the School Atteiitlance Coininittee appointed by the Couucil of the Borough t!ie said Uibaii Ilistricts of Biedbnry md Ron,ilt,y Ch adle and Gatley Heaton Korris and Reddish are respectively suhject lo t1,e that Cou!:ty ; 56 .j? T'ict. c`. i: 4 [Ch. clxix.] Xocccl Gouemment Bou~*d's [1 EDW. 7.1 Provisional Order Coi@amation (30. 11) Act, 1901. A 2. 1991. St oc kp or t 01 d1Ll . the parts of the TJrbnn Distiicty of Eredbury and Roiiiiley Clieaclle arid Catley Haze1 Gi*ovc awl Erainhall and Heaton Noriis and the part of the Parish of Brinnington added to the existing Borongh by this Order ; (11.) Tile expre4on `` the adtlecl pait of Ereclbury aiid Roiiiiley " mfms the pGrt of the Urban District of Bredbury and noiiiiley which is coloui-ecl red on the Borough nialis the expressioii " the atltlecl parts of Cheadle and Qntley " inenns tbe pa,rtr of the Urbaii IXstrict of Clieaclle and Gatley wlkh are coloured light blue yellow ancl light green on th(: Eorongh niap the expression `( the added part of Hazel Grove and Eramhall " nicans tlie pxt of the Urlmn Dibtrict of Hazel Grove and Franihall which is coloured dark blue n the Eorough lliaps the expression ` the addecl parts of He*tton Norris " iiieaiii the parts of the 1 `rban District of Heahon Norris which are coloured light brown and tfarli green 011 the Eormgh maps and the expression "the added 1mi-t of Erinnington " nmms the part of the Paris11 of Rrinniiigton U liich is colour^^ +a on the Borough maps ; (12.) The expressioiis (` the Act of 1858 " aiid `(the Act of IS04 " nipan re5pcctircly the Local Govei ninent Act 1888 aid the Local Government Act 1594 : ancl (13.) The eaprpssion the Municipal Corporatioiir Acts " nieaiis the iIIniiicipa1 Corporations Act 1552 and thc Acts an~mding and extendiiig tlie same. - (;onini~nce- Art. 11. This Order shall except so far as is otherwiw herein expressly Illent Of Older. provided aiicl SO far as there may be aiiytliing in the sul)ject-niatteu or contest incoiisistcnt therewith come into operation on tlw Ninth clay of Kovember One...

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