Halifax Corporation Act 1902

Publication Date:January 01, 1902

Halifax Corporation Act 1902

(2 Edw. 7) c. cxxiv

An Act to extend the boundaries of the county borough Halifax and to empower the Corporation to construct additional tramways street widenings and improvements to confer further powers with undertakings and in regard to streets and buildings and for the health local government and improvement of the borough and for other purposes

[22nd July 1902]

CHAPTER cxxiv. .hi Act to cstwtl the \wnntlai-ics of tlic coulity l)orougll of AD. 1902. U_ I ldifils n~itl to c~ipo~er the Corlmratioii to coll.;rrnct, atlditioid traniways street 11 iclcniiigs aiid itiiproi-eiiienis to coi1fi.r fill tliei. pow(~i~ n-itli respect to tlicir sen-erage waterwor1;h ant1 electricity ~intlortakiiigs ant1 in rcigard to streets nntl buil(liiip mcl fi)r tlic healtli local goreriiment nnd iliiproT-eiiient of' tlie Im.orig11 am1 fhr oiliei. 1)urposcs. [ 221itl ?July I !)02.] , L +,lis the county 1)oroiigli of IInlifax in the West Riclitlg to as '( tlie I)oroiigli ''1 is a niiinicipal horougli under the goreim- ment of tlie niayor altlermeii ant1 lmrgesses thereof (in this Act referia1 to as '' the C'oqmation ") : ,hid whereas cxteiisivc powcrs with regartl to the supply of gas ant1 olectricity tlie construction of trainwayh and with regard to the iniyrovemeiit and goveriinicnt of the borougli liavo ljeen conferred upon tlie Corporation Iy the recited Acts : And whereas it is expedient that the limits of the existing borough 1)e extended so as to include tlie area described in the First Schedule to this Act : And whereas by the Act of 1897 the Act of 1898 ancl the Order of 1899 ancl the Act of' 1900 the Corporation were authorised to lay down within ancl beyond tlie borough the tramways in thosc Acts and Order nieiitioiiecl ancl the powers tliereiii contained were conferred on the Corporation in respect of the said tramways : And whereas it is expedient that the Corporation should be empowered to construct ancl niaintaiii the additional tramways in this Act described aiid that further provisions should be made as in this Act mentioned in regard to the motive power to be used on the Corporation tramways ancl as to the working by the Corporation of those traniways : w H of F1' the coiiiity of York (liei*cin-nftcr in this Act referred 6 I+?.( I' 4s. 3d.l *I 1 [Ch. cxxiv.] Hu/!fi.t- Cor1)wutim Act, 1902. [2 Enw. 7.1 And whereas it is expedient that the Corporation should be authorised to make and maintain the street improvements and works in this .4ct authorised and to acquire lands for the purposes thereof : And whereas it is expedient that the Corporation should be empowered to appropriate and use for the purpose of the treat- ment and disposal of sewage the lands described in che Second Schedule to this Act : And whereas it is expedient that furtlaer powers should be conferred upon the Corporation with reference to streets buildings sewers and drains parks and recreation grounds technical school refuse destructor and markets aid fairs within the borough and furthor provision made for the health local government and improvement of the borough : And whereas it is expedient to confer further powers upon the Corporation with respect to the more uniform assessment and collection of rates within the borough : And whereas the Corporation had on the 1st day of July 1899 borrowed under the Public Healt,h Act 1875 sunis amounting to nearly two years' assessable value of the borough and it became necessary to raise money for the following purposes (that is to say) :- A.D. iwy. ~ $125,830 Electric lighting. undertaking ; 60,000 Gas works ; 10,000 4,975 2,800 Permanent wood paving ; 4,147 6,404 Laid for the protection of the waterworks under- taking of the Corporation in the daainage areas ; Land for street improvements ; Land for sewage disposal works ; Parks and recreation grounds including purchase of lands in connexion therewith ; 584 Small-pox hospital ; and 7,660 Town hall : And whereas such sums are properly chargeable to capital and the Corporation did between the 1st day of July 1899 aid the 31st day of December 1901 defray that expenditure by means of temporary loans from their bankers : And whereas the margin of borrowing power of the Corporation under the Public Health Act 1875 is insufficient to allow those sums to be raised under that Act : And whereas estimates have been prepared by the Corpora- tion in relation to the following purposes in respect of which I 2 [2 KI)\V. 7.1 mykr 6'oT*J)oHlfii~~~ n~f, 1902. [Ch. cxxitp.] they are by this Act authorised to raisc money wliicli are as A.D. 190-3. follows : - For the purposes of their tramway undcrtaking eighty-t wo For the purposes of electricnl cyuipnient in colinexion with the And whereas tlie scveral urorks ant1 1)urposes mentioned in such estimates are l)eriiinnciit works within tlic nieaiiing of section 234 of the Public: Tlealth .\ct IS;.? : Ant1 wherens it is cspedicnt tlitit the Ooi*l)oratioii should be authorised to raisc moneys for the 1)urposes afores:iitl ancl to repay tlie above-nientionetl sunis liorrowetl as aforesixid : And whereas the C'orporatioii reqnirc to 1 or row moneys for the follo.rving piwpos(~ iia~ii~ly street improvements new streets aiid street worlts private strect expenses permanent wood pave- ment sewage disposal works filter beds and new sewers the electric lighting unclertaliing small-pox and fever hospitals refuse destructor town's yard tecliiiical school and for laiid in coniiexion with any of such purposes ancl for the purchase of land in the drainage areas of the waterworks undertaking and for drainage and otlicr works 111 colinexion therewith for the extension of mailis in connexioii with the water undertaking for the extension of niaiiis and works of the gas undertaking parks aid recreation grounds town hall aiicl tlie establishment of a telephone system and it is expedient that the Corporation bs empowered to borrow for those purposrs such sunis as the Local Governnient Board may sanction : And whereas plans and sectious showing the lines and levels of the works authorised hy this lZct and plans of the lands which the Corporation may acquire under this Act ancl books of reference to such plans containing the iiaiiies of the owners and lessees or reputed owmrs and lessees and of the occupiers of the lands required and which may be taken uiicler the powers of this Act have been cleposited with the clerk of the peace for the West Riding of the county of York wliich plans sections and books of reference are in this Act respectively referred to as the deposited plans sections and books of referenee : And whereas the objects aforesaid cannot be eEectec1 without the authority of Parliament : And whereas an akoli~te majority of the whole number of the council at a meeting held on the thirtieth day of October one thousand iiinc: Iiunclrccl aiid one aitcr ten clear clays' notice by public advertismlent of the meeting aiid of tlie purpobe thereof in the Halifax Guardian a local newspaper published and circuiating - thousancl pounds ; Corporation trnniways scvonteen thousand pounds : A2 3 LD. 1:~. in the I,orough- such notice being in ;dclition to the ordinary ii of i ces r L' quire cl t'o~ SIX I 11 11 1 oniiig t 11 at iiie c hi g re solved t 11 at t lie , csiJc'1isc: in relation to ljrotarhng tlie Bill for this .2ct should be cll:tiycd 1111 the l~rongh iiiiicl illit1 rates leviable vitiiiii the hlw$; : Ancl lr-hcreils that rcsoititim was published t\\-icc i;i the said ricwspol)er slid lias rccui1 ccl tlie approval of the Local Govcrn- tncllt Board : ,lilt1 v-hcrons the pi-oprit.iy of the pr~niot~ion of the ijill for this Act was confirmed by ail absolute iiiajority of tlic whole nuiiiber of' the ('onncil at a frntlier special meeting lidcl in piirswiiice of' m siiiiiltu iioticc oil tlic cighth (lay of Janutiry oiie thousand liille hm10i.e(1 ancl two bciug not less tliaii fourtcen days arltcr the c!cipsit of tlio Bill for this Act in Parlininciit : -4 ntl wlip,reas the ownel's and ratepayers of the b01*011gh ljj- rcsoliitioii iu the iiiaiiiier provicled in the Third Sclierlulc of the Public Hoiilth Act 1875 coiiseiitecl to the promotion of tlic Rill i'm+ this Act : Rray it tlierofore please YGW Majesty tlmt it may be enacted aiitl bc it eriactecl by the King's iiiost Eucclleiit Mnjesty by ant1 if it 11 tlie i\cl\rice ancl consent of the Lords Spirittml aiicl Temporal mtl Coni~iiuiis iii this prcscnt Parliniiient asscnibled ant1 by tho irritliority of the smie as follows (that is to my) :- - __ PART 1. P~~RLIMINARY. S!iart title. 1. This Act niay be cited for all puq~oscs as the TInlifas 2. This Act is divided into parts as follows :-- Corporation Act 1902. Act clit icled into pitb. Part I.--Prelimiuary. Pxt 11.-Extension of Borough. Part Part 1V.-Street Works. Part V.-Sewage. Fart VI.--Refuse Destructor. Part VI1.-Acquisition of Lands. Part VI1I.-Parks and Xecreatioii Grounds. Part 1X.- Water. Part X.-Electricity. Part XI.-Fair and Slaughter-house Tolls. Part XII .--Streets and Buildings. Part XII1.-Sanitary. Part X1V.-Infectious Disease. I I I. -T raiii way s. 4 3. The following ilcts alid 1)nYts 01 ilck (SO fiil. ;IS tlitb P~OI i-ioiis sallie arc npplicablc with tlic provisions of this Act) arc liorc41y incorporated with thih A,.t, j,,(,,,,. Act iiaincly :- pol :Ltecl. tile p~~~~1jos~~ ;::!ti ;trc iiot inc:oiisisteirt of ccr`:Li!l L! I I I I :I 1 The Lands Clauses Acts (except section 127 of the Lands Clauses Coiisolicl~tion Act 1845) : The Waterworlis Clauses Act 1847 (excc1)t tlic lm~isioiis wi tli res1)vc.t to the piiiount of pofit to lie rcceived hy tlti: IJiiclc~i*. talicrs wlicii the watcrmorks arc c,wriccl 011 for tlicir Iwiieiit aiitl escel)t section 83 relating to nv3 ouiits) but tlist Ilct dial1 be rcatl ;mtl liilvc efg'ect if the ~~orcls " witli tlic co~i~~lt in writing of tlic o~viiur or reputed o\vilcr of :my suL h lioii~ or of tlic ngeiit of such owiier" ivci~k oiiiittcd fi-oni sc:*tion 44: 7'11~...

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