Gravesend and Tilbury Tunnel Act 1799

Publication Date:January 01, 1799
Gravesend and Tilbury Tunnel Act 1799

(39 Geo. 3) c. lxxiii

An Act for making and maintaining a Tunnel or Road under in River Thames, from or near to the Town of Gravesend, in the County of Kent, to or near to Tilbury Fort, in the County of Essex

[12 July 1799]

u92 390 GEORGII HI. Cap. 73. the faid Tunnel, without the Leave and Confent of fuch Perfon &c Per-fons refpe&ively. purchafe Mo- XXXVII. And be it further e'na&ed, That all Sums of Money to be to corLora"-ng Paid t0 any Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, Feoffees in Truft, tions, isc. to Executors, Adminiftrators, Hufbands, Guardians, Committees, or other th'fm""0 Truftees, or Perfons acting as Guardians, Committees, or Truftees, for Ufts; or on Behalf of any Infants, Lunaticks, Idiots, Femes Covert, or other Geftuique Trufts, or to any Perfon or Perfons'whofe Lands or Eftates are limited in drift or other Settlement, for the Purchafe of, of the Damage to be done to any Lands* Tenements, or Hereditaments, by virtue of the Powers herein contained, fhall,- in cafe the fame fhall exceed the Sum of Twenty Pounds and be lefs than One hundred Pounds, be laid out, as foon as conveniently may be, by fuch Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, Feoffees in Truft, Executors, Adminiftrators, Huf-bands', Guardians, Committees, or other Truftees-, Peffon or Perfons aforefaid, in the Purchafe of Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments,, either in Fee Simple or fuch other Tenure as the Owner or Owners of the Premifes, which may have been appropriated or made ufe of for the Purpofes of this Aft, had therein at the Time the fame fhall be fo appropriated or made ufe of; and which laid Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments fo to be purchafed, fhall be conveyed to or to the Ufe of fuch Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, or to or for fuch other Perfon or Perfons, arid for fuch Eftates, and to, for, upon, and fubjeft to fuch TJfes,' Trufts, Limitations, Remainders, and Contingencies, as the Lands and Grounds, Tenements or Hereditaments, for or in refpeft where; f fuch Money fhall be paid as aforefaid, were limited, fettled, and affured, at the Time when fuch Money was fo agreed for, afcertained, or affeffed refpeftively as aforefaid, or for fuch and fo many of fuch Ufes as fhall be then exifting and capable of taking Effect; and that fuch Conveyances and Settlements fhall be made at the Expence of the faid Company of Proprietors ; and in the mean Time and until fuch Purchafe or Purchafes fhall be made, the,faid Money fhall be placed out, by fuch' Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, Feoffees in Truft, lExecutors,-Adminiftrators, Hufbands, Guardians, Committees, or other Truftees, Perfon or Perfons as aforefaid, in fome of the Publick Funds, or on Government or Real Securities, producing an annual Intereft, in the Names of Two or more Perfons; to be nominated by the Parties interfiled therein, and to be approved of by the faid Comtnittee; and th£ Intereft arifmg orNto be produced from any fuch Funds and Securities, and alfo the annual Rent for fuch Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments^ where a Rent fhall be fixed upon as aforefaid, fhall be paid to fuch Perfon,-or Perfons refpeftively as would have been entitled, for the Time beings to. the Rents and Profits of fuch Lands and other Premifes fo to be pur* chafed, in cafe the fame had been purchafed and fettled purfuant to the' Tenor and true Meaning of this Aft. Forre-inveft. XXXVIII. Provided always, and be it enafted, That in cafe any Mo. Monies! 3& neY or Recompence to be paid for any Meffuages, Buildings, Lands, or Hereditaments, which fhall be purchafedi, taken, or ufed for the Purpofes of this Ad, to any Corporation, Feme Covert, Infant, Lunatick*-or Perfon under any other Difability or Incapacity as aforefaid * fhall be equal to or exceed the Sum of One- hundred Pounds* fuch Money or 7 Reconrpence: 1170 39 GEORGII III. Gap. jp and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority Proprietors of the fame, That the Honourable John Thomas Townfhend, the Honou rable Robert Petre, Sir William Geary Baronet, Jofeph Alder, Robert Anderfon, John Andrews, John Julius Angerjiein, Armftrong and Wyatt, Thomas Henry Aujlen, Robert Barrowdell, Charles Beckett, Thomas Michael Becker, Guftavus Belford, John Bent ley, R. Beft junior,. Alexander Black, James Black, Henry Bonham, Booth, Kirk Boot, Jofeph Boulder fin, John Brickwood junior, John Brenchley, Alexander Brodie, Cameron, John Carftairs, James Garden, R. and G. Clark/on, William Cole man, F. Coleman, Thomas Colyer fenior, William Colyer, Jfaac Currie, Timothy Curtis, Thomas Dalion, William Daniel, Crauford Davifon, Henry Darlot, James Dawfon, Wyatt John Dobbs, Thomas Dyne, Anthony Eglin- ton, Charles B. Ellis, Samuel Etheridge, William Farley, George Forbes, Ceorge Fryer, William Garrow, Peter Gedge, Corporation of Grave/end and Milton, George Gilbert, Nicholas Gilbee, James Gilbee, Gabriel Gillett, George Glenny, Richard Hall Gowers, Green junior,' George Grote, Thomas Hall, Richard Hardinge, Anthony Harman, Benjamin Harrifon, William Harris, George Hawks, Robert Harris, Hanfon, Thomas Hawens, Samuel Hazard, Robert Herring, John Hibbert, William Hilton, John How, Hulkes, Hulkes, John Humble, George Jcfferys, John Jefferys, Robert Jenner, William James Jones, Henry Jones, James Joynes, George Kearfley, Charles Kite, Richard Lawrence, Leith Clerk, J. A. Leach, John Liptrap, William Leighton, David Samuel Lip- trip, John Longdon, William Lujhington, Lewis James Made, James Mi Knight, Martin, Stone, and Foot, Samuel Mqfkall, Gilbert Mathifon, John Mavor, Mavor D. D., John Mavor, Godfrey Moiling, W. T. Money, John Morgan, Moul, William Murray, T. N. Naifh, Evan Nepean, Richard Nixon, Thomas Nixon, Francis Norton, Hildebrand Herbert Oakes, William Patterfon, Peck and Smally, Henry Hinde Pelley, William Randall, Edward Ravenfcroft, George Rich, John Richard Ripley,' R. T. Ripley, William Robertfon, G. Rofewell, Thomas Rowcroft, Lawrence Ruck, Flint Stacey, Thomas Say, . '? Schank, Claude Scott, Samuel Scott, Simmonsi, John Sihejier, John Simpfon, T. W. Smith, Charles Smith, Edward Stracey junior, Jofias Henry Stracey, F. Strickland, Richard Stone, Jofeph Stonard, James Taggart, Robert Taylor, William Teft, James T'hompfon, James Swallow Thompfon, John Townfend,' Wingjield Turner, Lieutenant Colonel Twifs, OJborne Tylden, William. Vaaghan, Richard Valpy D. D., John Walter, John Walter junior, Richard Walker, G. 'thomas Warner, Edward Warner junior, John Parr Welsford, Richard Weftmacoit^ C. J. White, Jane Wilfon, Henry Wilckens, Jofeph Woolner, Charles Wyatt, William Tales, Toungi William Toung, and John Toung, together with fuch Perfon or Perfons, Body or Bodies Politick, Corporate, or Collegiate, as they, or the major Part of them prefent at the FirPc General AfTembly to be holden For the Purpofes of this Act, fhall nominate and appoint, and their feveral and refpe&ive Succeffors, Executors, Administrators, and Afligns, being Proprietor or Proprietors of any Share or Shares in the Tunnel or Road hereby authorized to be made, (hall be, Incorporated, and are hereby united into a Company for the carfying on, making, completing, and maintaining the faid Tunnel or Road, paflable for Paffengers, Cattle, and Carriages, according to the Rules, Orders, and Directions herein mentioned and expreffed; and fhall, for that Purpofe, be One TheirJStyle. Body Politick and Corporate, by the Name and Style of The Company of Proprietors of the Tunnel under the River Thames, and by that. Name ihali 39 GEORGII III. Cap. 73. U71 fhall'have perpetual Succeffion, and a Common Seal, and by that Na"tne fhall and may fue and be fued, and alfo fhall and may have Power and Authority, from and after the paffing of this Aft, to purchafe Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to them and their Succeffors and Affigns, for the Ufe of the faid Tunnel or Road, and for the feveral Works hereby authorized to be made, and for the feveral other Purpofes herein mentioned, without incurring any of the Penalties or Forfeitures of the Statutes of Mortmain, and alfo to fell any of the Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, purchafed for the Purpofes aforefaid. II. And be it further ena&ed, That it fhall and may be lawful to and Proprietors to for the faid Company of Proprietors to raife and contribute, amongft *aife Money ,. ri r. r*T r \ i ... 9 for making themfelves, a competent Sum or Money for making and maintaining the the Tunnel, faid Tunnel, and all the Aqueducls, Ways, Roads, Engines, and all other Works and Conveniences belonging or requifite thereto, not exceeding in the Whole the Sum of Thirty thoufand Pounds, (fave and except as herein mentioned), and that the fame fhall be divided into Shares of One hundred Pounds each ; and that the faid Shares fhall be and are hereby veiled in the feveral Perfons fo fubfcribing, and their feveral and refpeftive Executors, Adminiftrators, Succeffors, and Affigns, to their and every of their proper Ufe and Benefit, proportionably to the Sums they fhall feverally raife and contribute ; and all Bodies Politick, Corporate, and Collegiate, and all Perfons, their feveral and refpecYive Succeffors, Executors, Adminiftrators, and Affigns, who fhall feverally fub-fcribe for One or more Share or Shares, or fuch Sum or Sunis as fhall be demanded in lieu thereof, towards carrying on and completing the faid Tunnel, and other the Purpofes of the faid Subfcription, fhall be entitled to and receive the entire and nett Diftributidn of an equal 'proportionable Part, according to the Money fo by them refpe&ively paid, of the Profits and Advantages.that fhall and may arife and accrue by the Tolls and other Sums of Money to be raifed, recovered, or received by the faid Company of Proprietors by the Authority of this A£t; and every Body Politick, Corporate, and Collegiate, Perfon and Perfons, having fuch Property in the faid Undertaking as aforefaid, fhall bear and...

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