Grand Western Canal Act 1812

Publication Date:January 01, 1812
Grand Western Canal Act 1812

(52 Geo. 3) c. xvi

An Act for alter and increase the Rates of Tonnage, authorized to be taken by the Company of Proprietors of The Grand Western Canal; and to amend the several Acts passed for making the said Canal.

[20th March 1812]

ANNO QUINQUAGEStMO SECUNDO GEORGII III. REGIS. fop. 16; An Ad to alter and increafe the Rates *6f*Tofttta!gii, authorized to be taken by the Company ,of Pro prietors, of -The Grand' TVeftern Canal y and to aniend the Teveral Ads paffed for making the faid Canal. ; \_20X?iMarch^ 1812,,} ~# ~W TBEREAS by an'AQ: of Parliament madem the Thirty-fixth 36G.'3.c,,46,.: '-V/Vfj-.. Year; of-the Reign of.His prefent Majefty^intituled,^w Acl ./V V for making a, Na,viga.ble-Canal'frotm the,River Exe^*-near the 'Xown of Toplham,4n the Couniy.of Devon, to the; River'Tone -.near the-t Town-of Taunton,;.in the County o/*Somerfet; arid, for cleanfing arid making navigable a certain Part.of the faid .River Tone, andfor making certain Cuts from the faid Canal; the feyeral Perfons therein named, and their; Succeflbrs, together wjth fuch.other Perfons a's mould be nominated in manner therein mentioned, and :th.eir Succeflbrs, were incorporated by the Name of The Company of Proprietors of the Grand Weftern, Canal, and. were authorifed to make the faid Canal and Guts in manner therein rhentioned, and to raife and contribute, ampngft themfelves, certain Sums of Money for the Purpofes of the laid Act, and the faid Company of. Proprietors were thereby authorized to .demand and receive for the Ton* nage of all Goods, Wares, Merchandizes and Things, which fhoul'd be navigated, carried or conveyed'upon the faid Canal and Cuts, or any IhocMPer.l aE Part 294 52 GEORGII III. Cap.i6. Part thereof, fuch Rates as fhould be fixed by the faid Company of Proprietors at any General Afiembly, to be held as therein mentioned, 51 G. 3. not exceeding the refpeftive Sums therein mentioned : And whereas c. 168. another Aft was pafled in the Fifty-firft Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, intituled, An Aft to vary and alter the Line of a Cut authorifed to be made by an Ail of the Thirty-ftxth Tear of His prefent Majefty, for making a Canal from the River Exe, near Topfham, in- the County of Devon, to the River Tone, near Taunton, in the County of Somerfet, Company and to amend the faid Aft; And whereas the faid Company of Pro- have pro- prietors have proceeded in making certain Parts of the faid Canal makinV"er- anc* Cuts, and have expended large Sums of Money thereon: And tain Parts of whereas fince the making the Eftimates upon which the Expence of Canal. forming and making the faid Canal and Cuts were calculated in the Expences of year Qf our Lorcj Qrie thoufand feven hundred and ninety-five, and far exceed in confideration of which the Rates of Tonnage mentioned in the faid theEftimates. firft recited Aft were granted to the faid Company of Proprietors, the Prices and Value of Land, Labour and Materials, and of all other Articles neceflary for making the faid Canal and Cuts have greatly increafed, by reafon whereof the Amount of the Sum originally eftimated to be fuf- ficient for thofe Purpofes will be very inadequate thereto, and the Farther Rates Rates, Tolls, and Duties authorized to be taken by the faid firft recited neceflary. ^q. are not jjjjgjy t0 proc}ucc a fair Remuneration to the faid Com pany of Proprietors proportionate to the great Expences of the Under* Further Pro- taking: And whereas it would tend to the better carrying thePufpofes of yifions necef- tne fajd recited Afts into Execution, if fome of the Powers and Provifions ary* thereof were altered and amended: May it therefore pleafe Your Majefty, That it may be ena&ed, and be it enafted bythe King's Mod Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spi ritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That from and after the pafling of this Former A^l the feveral Rates, Tolls and Duties authorized by the faid firft recited Rates re" Act to be demanded and taken by the faid Company of Proprietors, for pea e * the Tonnage of all Goods, Wares, Merchandizes and Things whatfoever, which fhould be navigated, carried or conveyed upon the faid Canal and Cuts or any Part thereof, fhall ceafe and determine. Other Rates H And be it further enafted, That in lieu of the faid Rate?, Tolls, in lieu and Duties hereby repealed, it fhalt be lawful for the faid Company of thereof. Proprietors, fronv Time* to Time, and at all Times for ever, after the palling of - this. Act, to"aflc, demand, take, fue for, recover and receive, tar and for their own; Ufe and Benefit, for the Tonnage of all Goods, Waresj1 Merchandizes and Things whatfoever, which fhall be navigated, carried or conveyed upon the faid Canal and Cuts or any Part thereof refpe&tyelyYof and from the Owner or Owners of fuch Goods, Wares, Merchandizes dr/ Commodities, or of or from the Owner or Owners or Perfori or Perfonsl having the Care, Cuftody or Charge of, or navigating the faid Boats, Barges or. Veffels conveying the fanie, at the Option of the faid Company of Proprietors, the refpeftive Rates, Tolls and Duties herein-after...

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