Gloucester and Worcester Horse Towing-Path Act 1811

Publication Date:January 01, 1811
Gloucester and Worcester Horse Towing-Path Act 1811

(51 Geo. 3) c. cxlviii

An Act for extending the Horse Towing Path on the Banks of the River Severn from Worcester Bridge to a certain Place below the City of Gloucester, called the Lower Parting, situate at the Corner of Portham Mead in the County of Gloucester

[10th June 1811]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO PRIMO G E O RG #H#^***^*^###****#**^^ Cap.148. An A61 fdr'iextending. the Horfe Trowing Path on the Banks of the River Severn from ^Worcefht* Bridge to a certain-Place below tne*;City of GloiiQefter^ cajled the Lower'ting, ijtua'te at the Corner of Portham Mead in the County of Gloucefler: [ i oth June, 181X ] HERE AS a Towing Path or Road has been made for hauling and .drawing of Veffels with Horfes along.the, Banks, of the Rivert Severn, from Salop to or near Coalbroo.k Dale-'m the; 'County of Salop and from Coalbrook Dale to Bdudley Bridge, in/the County of Worcelleri and from.the faid Bridge to Worcejier'Bridge in;or near the City of Worcefler^ by which the Navigation of the faid River has been greatly benefited,^ and the" Carriage of. Goods,'Wares, and Merchandizes thereon greatly facilitated and, rendered more fafe and certain: An^ whereas Boats, Barges, and other Veflels navigating qtk the faid Riyer, between Worcejier aforefaid? and a certain Place below thte City of Gloucefler called the Lower Parting, gt the Corner olPoftham *Mead, in the County of Gloucefler, are hauled Or drawn by Men only* which is attended with great Expence, Rifk, Uncertainty, and Delay j and if Power were given to haul or draw the fame with Horfes or other Beafts, and to extend and lengthen the Horfe Towing Path ffom its prefent Termination, at or ntzrlVorcefler Bridire aforefaid to the Lower; Parting aforefaid, the Navigation of the faid River would be greatly improved and facilitated, rendered more expeditious, certain, and con venient : And whereas the feveral Perfons hereinafter named are willing and defirous, at their own proper Cofb and Charges* to make and main* tain fuch Extenfion of Road or Towing Path from Worcejier Bridgie afore* XJLqc* & Per,] 36 iV fa'd 3270 5 * GEORGII III. Cap. 148. faid, to the faid Place called the 2 3tfr Parting aforefaid-: but the fame cannot b$ effe&ually carried into Execution without the Aid and Authority of P^rli^ment; may it therefore pleafe Your Majdfty-, That it may be e^a&ed* arid be it ena&ed*by the King's moft Excellefit Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confem of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, i# this prefent Parliament aflembled, and by rbe Authority of the Company. fame, That the Right Honourable George Ea^i of Coventry, the Right Honourable George CapelConingsby Earl of Effex*, the Right Honourable Lord Vifcount Sydney,the Right Honourable John Lord So?ners, the Right Honourable William Lord Beauthtimp, the Right Reverend Folliott Herbert Walker ifhop of Warcefier, the,Right Reverthd George Ifaac Hunting ford hot A. Bifliop oiGloucefler, the Reverend William Vincent Dean oiWeflminJler^ the Reverend Arthur Onflow Dean oiWorcefter, the Honourable William Beauchamp Lygon, the Honourable Mary Torke Widow, Thomas Dowdefwell, Anthony Lechmere, Edmund Hungerfor d Lechmere ^ H?il~ Ham Haywdrd Winjione, Edmund Lechmere Charlton, Thomas Hornyold, Tho* mas Farley\ Jonathan Worthington, Martin Wall, Jeremiah Hatvkins, &*-muel Wall,. Edward Crane, Thomas Hill, John Dowdefwell, William Attwood Oliver, the Reverend Robert Lucas Do&or in Divinity, the Reverend Jcfeph Martin, the Reverend Jofeph Sharplandt the Reverend John Francis Seymour Fleming Saint John, the Reverend William Miller, Jofeph Lingham, John Dillon, Thomas Hodges, Robert Meeles, Richard Crump ,SamuelBar-ttett, William Payne, John I'Wr junior, Samuel Jones, Edmund Tyler, William Hopkins, .John Reynolds, George Belfham, John Duncan, Archibald Dun* tan, Rich&rd Jukes, William Thome, William Devey, John Page* John Bottle, William Blew, Samuel Beak, John Clifton, Edward Lloyd, Charles Kilpin, John Dunn, Martin Lucas, John Temple, Thomas Blayney, Jona* than Worthington junior, John Barnett, and Mary Shapley Wrenford Widow, and their feveral and refpeftive Succfeflbrs, Executors Adminiftrators, or Affignsj are and fhall be united into a Company, for the better carrying 4 n^ extending, improving, completing and maintaining a Road, Paffage 4 r Towtig Path jbr hauling or drawing with Horfes or other Bsafts any Boats, Barges or other Veffels navigating on the faid River Severn between WotceJier Bridge and the Lower Parting aforefaid, and (hall for that Purpole be one Body Politic and Corporate, by the Name of The Cbtnpany of Proprietors of the Gloucefter and Worcefter Horfe Towing Path, and by that Name fhall have perpetual Succeffion, and fliall have & Coftimon Seal, and by that Name fliall and may fue and be fued ; and alfo fhatl and may have Power and Authority to purchafe Lands, Tene-trtents or other Hereditaments to them or their Succeffors and Affigns, lot the Ufe of the fafd Towing Path, and the Works hereby authorized to be made, without incurring any of the Penalties or Forfeitures of the Statutes of Mortmain or any of them ; and alfo to fell all or any of the Lfctads or Tenements fo purchafed for the Ufe of the faid Towing Path and Works ; and any Perfon or^Perfons, Body or Bodies .Politic, Corporate r Collegiate, may give, grant, bargain, fell, convey, or fet or let at annual of other Rent to the faid Company of Proprietors any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, for the Ufe and Benefit of the faid Undertaking, Without Licence or Alienation or Mortmain. Three Parts II. And be it enafted and declared, That there fliall be Three Parts to be made ma je 0f the Map or Plan of the Towing Path by this A& authorized bythVspcak- t0 be ntade, and alfo of a Book of Reference to the faid Map or Plan, which 5t GEORGII III. Cap ufi. 35171 fyhich (hall-be certified by the Right Honourably the Speaker of the Hottfe er of the ofCommons, and feverally kept bytheCtetk$of thePeacefor the faid Counties ^oufe of of Worcejler and G/oucefter, strid the Clerk to the faid Company of Proprie^- omro0IW tors for the Time being, to which all Perfons flull have free Liberty %q refbrt, and to make Extracts and Copies thereof as Occafion fhall require j and the faid Maps or Plans and Books of Reference fo certified, or true Copies thereof, (hall be deemed good Evidence in all Courts of Law b* ^ed or elfewhere; and the Clerk for the Time being to the faid Company, . upon Five Days' Notice to him given for that Purpofe, fhall from Time to Time produce the faid Map or Plan and Book of Reference in his Cufto ly, before any Juftiee or Juflices or arty jury or Juries to be imparineiled by virtue of this Aft, at the Time and Place to be mentioned in fuch No** tice, in order that che fame.may be then and there given in Evidence* III* And be it further enabled, That it (hall be lawful for the faid .Com* The Manner pany of Proprietors, and they are hereby authorized and required by in which the themfelves, their Deputies, Agents, Servants, Officers, Workmen or *mProve-Afliftants, at their own proper Colts and Charges^ to fet out and make, beside61** and from Time to Tin e and at all Times hereafter to repair, amend* im* prove and keep in Repair convenient Towing Paths, or Roads and* Ways for drawing or hauling with Horfes or other Beafts any Boats, Barges or other Veflels ufmg the Navigation of the faid River Severn between the Termination of the prefent Horfe Towing Path at or; near Worcejier Bridge aforefaid, and the faid Place called the Lower Parting in the laid County of Gloucejier, and alfb to dig, take and carry away any Gravel, Stone or pthei* Materials, proper for making and keeping in Repair the Towing Path and Roads hereby be made, in and from any Part or Parts of the faid River, doing thereby no Injury or Prejudice to any Ford or Fordirig-Place now ufed for the Paflage of Horfes or Car^ riages through the faid River, or out of or from any Wafte or Common within any Parifh, Hamlet or Place in the faid Counties of Worcejler and Gloucejler, in, over, through or along which th6 faid Towing Path hereby authorized to be made (hall pafs, and which (hall be proper ajid conve* nient for the making and repairing of the faid Road or Towing Path, without paying any Thing for the fame, fuch/?erfon or Perfons levelling all fuch Holes and Pits where any fuch Materials as aforefaid (hall be dug, gathered or taken, and from whence the fame fhail be carried away; and aifo to remove and take away all Gates, Rails, Stiles, Trees, Hedges, Buflies, Willows, , Impediments or other Obftru&ions upon any Lands or Grounds adjoining to the Banks of the River within the Limits aforefaid, which may any wife hinder or obftruQ: the hauling or drawing of Veflels by Horfes or other Beads, as the faid Company fhall judge necef-fary for effecting the Purpofes of this Ad; and to build, ere& and fet up fuch new and other Gates, Rails, Wickets and Fences in or as near as conveniently may be to the faid Places from whence the old ones fhall be taken away or removed, to be opened on all Occafitons for the free Paflage of Horfes and other Beafts hauling or drawing Veffels as aforefaid, or returning along the faid Roads (but fubjeft neverthelefs to the Reftri&ioris hereinafter mentioned); and alfo to ereft and build TolUhoufes, Stables, Windlaffes, Capftans and other Conveniences for the Ufe and Improvement of the faid Towing Path and Concern; and alfb to ereft and build any Bridge or Bidges, Culvert or Culverts acrofs any River or Rivers, Brook or Brooks, Ditch or Ditches, or other Places, for the ^72 s-i?GBQRGII III. Cap 148. the better fitting out, making' and improving the faid Towing Path or Road, but- fo as not to obftruft^the #Navigation of any fuch River* Brook or Ditch, or" to gftop or pound th^Waier cany^fuch River, Brook or Ditch; to the Prejudiceb-f any of the ^joining I^ands&and...

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