English and Bristol Channels Ship Canal Act 1825

Publication Date:January 01, 1825
English and Bristol Channels Ship Canal Act 1825

(6 Geo. 4) c. cxcix

An Act for making and maintaining a Canal for Ships and other Vessels to commence at or near Section Bay in the County of Devon and terminating in the Bristol Channel at or near Stolford ox Bridgwater Bay in the County of Somerset with several collateral Branches to communicate therewith.

[06 July 1825]

ANNQ SEXTO GEORGE IV. REGIS. Cap. cxcix. An Act for making and maintaining a Canal for Ships and other Vessels, to commence at or near Seaton Bay, in the County of Devon, and termi nating in the Bristol Channel, at or near Stolford, or Bridgwater Bay, in the County of Somerset, with several collateral Branches to communicate therewith. [6th July 1825.] il" ~it XHEREAS the making and maintaining of a navigable %/m/ Canal'for effecting a Junction or Communication between* V y . the English and Bristol Channels, to commence and open from the former Channel at, from, and by means of an artificial Port or Harbour to be made' and constructed in the Cove of Beer, other wise Seaton Bay, in the Parish of Seaton and Beer, in the County of Devon, on the one End, arid to commence and open from the latter Channel at, from, and by means of an artificial Port or Harbour to be made and constructed at or near Stolford, in the Parish of Stogursey, in the County of Somerset, for the Transit or Passage of Ships, .Barges, Boats, "and other Vessels, would open an important and im proved Communication for Vessels employed in the Coasting and other Trades, for the Conveyance of Goods, Wares, and Merchan dize to and from different Parts of this Kingdom and Foreign Coun tries, arid would; in many Cases "be less expensive and dangerous, {Local] 67 E by 6090 6GEORGII IV. Cap.cxcix. by avoiding the Necessity of passing round the Land's End, and would also be beneficial in facilitating the Transport of Goods, Wares, and Merchandize along the Line of Country through which it would be carried, and would generally be of great public Utility; And whereas the Persons herein-after named, and others, are willing and desirous, at their own Expence, to make and execute the said Canal, Ports, arid Harbours, and the other necessary Works for the Pur poses aforesaid, but the same cannot be effected without the Autho rity of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Ma jesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and Proprietors, by the Authority of the same, That the Right Honourable the Earl of Cork and Orrery, the very Reverend the Dean of York, Major General Sir James Kempt, John Adams, M Ainger, John Aitchison, Josids Dupre Alexander, James Alexander, John Allen, James N Anderdon, J Hughes Anderdon, William Anderson, John Anderton junior, Isaac Anderlon, John Armistead, Joshua Bara- clough, John Barker, John Barge, G. W. Barrow, Thomas Bent, James Benson, Greenwood Bentley, John Bennet, Montague Baker Bere, James Bilton, J Blood, Thomas Blake, P Blacltmore, Samuel Bosanquet, Morton Bond, Francis Bond, Edward Bond, W Bond junior, Frederick Bond, John Bottomley, J Board, Timothy Bramah, Samuel Brooke, Samuel Brown, John BroW7i, Benjamin Braidky, George Bridges, George Brown, John Brickley, Launcelot Burton, John Buckley, J Budd, John Campbell, E. Campbell, John Cattle, Charles Chapman David Cham bers, Ann Chamberlain, William Clay, Robert Clough, R. Cobbett, James Cochrane, Michael Collin, Edward Cooke, John Cooke, William Codper, the Reverend Coplestone Doctor in Divinity, Robert Calmer, Charles Cope, John Cope, John Cousen, James Cousen, James Cousen junior, James Crankshaw, William Cribb, Daniel Cropper, Caleb Crowther M. D., Jane Dandy, William Dawson, Richard Dawson:, C. H. Dawson, Thomas David, Thomas Deane, George Deane, Peter Deane, George Webb Derenzy, Henry Des- iorough, William Duckworth, James Ducket, Willianl Dicff, Jonathan Duncan, George Dyson, Henry Lees Edwards, F , Egging ton, James Richard Elliott, John Elliott, William Elliott, George C Elwall, Edward Entwistle, Robert Fdulding, John Fielding, Joseph Fletcher, George Floisets, Thomas Foljambe, George Forbes, Charles Franks, J W'. Freshfield, John Galsworthy, Matthias Deighton Gibbon, Peter Glover, Daniel Goskell, Titus Grairix, John Graveson, G Gray,, Sarah Guppy, Thomas Hall, William Halt, S. Hall, M . Halliday, Thomas Hamlet, John Hampson, William Hampson, William Hanning, Lancelot Hardmdn, Joseph Hardcastle, William Hargr.eaves, Charles Harris, Henry Harris, Alfred Harris, Susannah Harris, William Bown Harrison, Anthony Hart, J Hartley, James H Heron, Benjamin Heywood, Thomas Heij- wood, Richard Heywood, W* Hill, Robert Hoffman, Benjamin Hw- nor, James Horrox, W* Hoyland, Robert Hunt, Thomas Hurst, John Hustler, John Hustler junior, W Jackson, A. R. Jacob, W. H. Johnson, Sarah Jowett, Abraham Jubb, M. S. Kenny, Thomas H. -King, 6GEORGl! IV, Cap.&xm. 6091 H. King, J. Berry King, Thomas King, Thomas N . King, Samuel King, the Reverend JV / Knapp, Samuel Laycock, C. Leah/, Flintoff Leatham, John Lee Lee, John Lee, Samuel Lenox, John Letts, Kensington Lewis, G. T. Lister, "Edward Lloyd, John Lpmax, Richard P. Lowtker, J Lyde, Samuel Margeryson, Edward MaHtand, Thomas'Marsland, 0. H. Melhuish, Thomas Merrick, James Millar, J Milliken, Thomas Milthorpe, William Mihier, Michael Mitton, Samuel M'Morris, Ninian M'Morris, Richard Muit-, J Todd Naylor, Henry 0 Neal, J G Norcutt, William John Morris, EdWard James Norris, Ruth Oxley, Charles Elton Prescott, the Reverend William Palmer Doctor in Divinity, M E Palmer, John Parnell, Jonas Patchett, J Patetsdn-, Daniel Reckoner, Richard Pemberton, William Perfect, William Perks, Andrew Peterson, Heslher Peterson, Robert Phillips, Thomas Pitt, Stephen Pitt, John Piggott, David Pollock, Alexander Powell, Charles Pugh, R Price, Thomas Proctor, D Proudnian, Thomas Pullan, F. Purden, T. S. Rawson*. Christopher Ramon, Charles Reade, Richard Read, Mary Red/urn, George Redman, Thomas Rishworth, Thomas Rishworth junior, S. Rishworth, R Rishworth, James Rishworth, James Riste, Evan Roberts, W, Robertson, John Roby, John Rouse, William Rouse* Edward Sharpe, George Shaw, W Shearman M D Henry Shollbred, T Sixties, M Singleton* Thomas Smith* Josiah Smithson, Lancelot South, Isaac Spencer, Robert Stetribridge, John Sutton, George Swabey, William- Taylor, Thomas Taylor, James Teak, Edward Tew, Jonathan Thompson, W ThoroWgood, Samuel Thwaite, W Tombs, John Toms, John TbOtal, Gi N*. Tootal, Charles Tootal, Thomas Tootal, Edward Truemmi, Joseph Trueman, George Tyrrell,' Joseph Vernon, Joseph Wade, James Wade, John Cooper Wallace, John Waterhouse, George Watts, Pearson Watton, Elizabeth West, Mary Ann West, EtGeorgiand Weston, James WestOn, M. Whitehead, Charles Whiteley, N . Whitley, George Wilkinson, Joshua Wilson, John Woodcock, George E. Wood, Abraham Wood, John Wood, John Wood junior, James Worthington, William Whitton, John Lewis White, James Ward, Ellis Yates, and Thomas Yates, and their respective Successors, Executors, Administrators* arid Assigns, of such of them as shall from Time to Time be possessed of any Share or Shares in the Navigation or Undertaking hereby authorized to be made and carried on, and also all such other Person of Persons as shall from Time to Time be possessed of any Share or Shares therein, in manner. herein-aftef provided, and their respective Successors, Executors, Administrators* and Assigns, shall be and they ate hereby united into a Company for the carrying on, making, completing, and maintaining the said intended Canal for Ships, Barges, Boats, and other Vessels, and the said Ports or Harbours of Entrance thereto, according to the Powers and Authorities, Rules, Orders, and Directions herein-after set forth and expressed fof that Purpose, and shall be One Body Politic and Corporate1, by the Name of " The Company.of Proprietors of the Mnglish ahd Corporate " Bristol Channels Ship Carial,*'and by that Name shall have perpetual Narae* Succession and a Common Seal, and by that Name shall and may sue and be sued, and shall also have full Power and-Authority to purchase and 6092 6*GEORGII IV. Cap. cxcix. and'hold Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to them, their Successors and Assigns, for. the Use of the said Undertaking, without incurring any of the Forfeitures or Penalties of the Statutes of Mortmain. Power to II. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said make the Company of Proprietors hereby incorporated, and they are hereby other Works authorized and empowered, from and after the passing of this Act, ' by themselves, their Deputies, Agents, Officers, Workmen, and Servants, to make, complete, and maintain a Canal or Navigation,, together with the said Ports or Harbours of Entrance thereto, navi-. gable and passable for Ships or Vessels, Barges, Boats, and other 'Craft, the Canal to open and commence at and from, and out of and, into the said Cove of Beer, otherwise Seaton Bay, in the Parish of Seaton and Beer in the County of Devon, and into, through, and over the several Parishes or Places of Beer and Seaton, otherwise Seaton and Beer, Colyton, Musbury, Widworthy, Shute, Kilmington,Axminster, Membury, Yarcombe, and Thorncombe, in the County of Devon-; the, several Parishes or Places of Chardstock, Wambropk, Stockland, Dal*, wood, Burstock, Mosterton, and Chedington, in the County of Dorset; and the several Parishes or Places ofChard, Chard Borough, Winsham, Way ford, Seaborough, Mister ton,. Crewkerne, Chaffcombe, Knowle Saint Giles, Combe Saint Nicholas, Ilminster, Donyatt, Buckland Saint Mary, Broadway, Ashill, Curland,Staplefitzpaine, Bickenhall, Hatch Beauchamp, West Hatch, Thurlbear, Stoke. Saint Mary, Thorn Falcon,, Ruishton, North Curry, Stoke Saint Gregory, Creech Saint Michael? West Monkton, Durston Lyng otherwise East Lyng,North Newton, North Petherton...

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