Drury Lane Theatre Act 1810

Publication Date:January 01, 1810
Drury Lane Theatre Act 1810

(50 Geo. 3) c. ccxiv

An Act for rebuilding the late Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane, upon the Conditions, and under the Regulations therein mentioned.

[21st June 1810]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO GEORGII HI. REGIS. Gap. 91k Ajti Aft for rebuilding the late Theatre-Royal Drury* Lane^ upon the Conditions, and under the Regula tions therein mentioned, [21 ft June 181 o.} HEREAS the Exiftence of well regulated Theatres fubftan- tially-built, and capable of affording the beft Accommodation to be obtained for the Public, with refpeft to the furround- ing Avenues, Paffages, aad Approaches, as well as to their Fitnefs for Scenic Reprefentation, has always been confidered to be a Matter worthy both of Royal Attention and Legiflative Protection; And whereas in the Year One thoufand feven hundred and ninety-three, the then Theatre- Royal in DruryLane was taken down, and great Sums expended by the Moft Noble Francis the late Duke of Bedford^ in the Purchafe of Ground and Houfes in the Neighbourhood, in order to ereft a new Theatre upon a Scale of Magnificence and Grandeur; the Intereft of which Sums fo expended by the faid Duke of Bedford being added as an additional Rent Charge upon the faid Theatre : And whereas the Sum of pne hundred and .fifty thoufand Pounds was raifed by the Proprietors of the faid Theatre by Shares of Five hundred Pounds each, for the Accom- plilhment of the ere£ting the propofed new Theatre, and for paying off the then exifting Mortgages; but owing to various and unforefeen Cir~ cumftances,and to the unavoidable Neceflity which* arofe of making various Alterations in the original Plan5 the Theatre, when opened in the Begin ning- of the Year One thoufand feven hundred and ninety-four, was very far from being in a finifhed State, while the intended furrounding Build* ings ftated in the Eftimate were not even begun, and a great Debt was left wholly unprovided for, and the whole Sum intended to be applied to the Building of the Theatre was entirely expended by the Truftees in endeavouring to accomplilh the fame: And whereas a Settlement of the {Log* & P^n] 53 D Remainder 4798 5*GE0RGII III. Cdfi.%14* Remainder of the faid Debt and Claims took place in the Year One thoufand eight hundred and two, through an Arrangement made under the immediate Dire&ion and Authority of the Lord Chancellor, and affented to by all Parties: Ancl whereas, in the courfe of a fuccefsful Progrefs to- wards the Liquidation of the faid Claims, the faid Theatre-Royal, with all its Scenery, Wardrobe, Furniture and other Articles, was wholly de- ftroyed by the Calamity of Fire in the Year One thoufand eight hundred and nine, being infured only to the Amount of Thirty-five thoufand Pounds, or thereabouts: And whereas it is deemed expedient to fur- render and make over the whole Intereft of the prefent Proprietors of the faid Property to a Body of Subscribers purchafing the fame and becoming bondjide Proprietors of the whole Patents, Leafes or Agreements for Leafes, Materials, Foundation, Scite of Ground, and every other Property of what ever Description now belonging to or held in Trufl: for the Proprietors of the faid Theatre : And whereas the feveral Perfons herein-after named are willing and defirous, at their own Expence, to provide for, or to dis charge all juft and equitable Claims on the late Theatre, fliould the fame be duly afcertained to their Satisfa&ion, and not found to exceed the computed Amount upon which they are willing to become Subfcribers; and alfo to ereft* build, finifh, and furpifh, fit for Reprefentation, the faid intended new Theatre, with the furrounding Buildings and Improvements : But as the feveral Purpofes before-mentioned cannot be carried into EfFe£t without the Authority of Parliament: May it therefore pleafe Your Majefty that it may be enafted j and be it enafted by the King's Moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament af- Proprietors* fumbled, and by the Authority of the fame, That His Grace the Duke Name*. of Bedford, His Grace the Duke of Argyle$ the Right Honourable Lord Kinnaird, Samuel Whitbread, Richard Sharpe, Peter Moore, Harvey Chrijlian Combe, Sir Robert Barclay Baronet, Thomas Coutts, the Honour able Thomas Brand, the Honourable David Anjiruiher,Alexander David/on, Templar, J. H* Farquhar, Thomas Hammer/ley and Com pany, Aaron Graham* Richard Wilfon, Sir Charles Blicke, James Heath, Sir Thomas Turton Baronet, Sir John Sinclair Baronet, Sir Matthew V/hite Ridley Baronet, Henry Greville^ the Honourable Thomas Maule, William Adam, Colonel O* Kelly, Captain Graham^ Samuel James Arnold, Charles William Ward, William Linley, Robert M* Barnard, Richard Peake, Michael Kelly, Jofeph Kelly, Henry Burgefs, Richard Ironmonger, George Boulton, John Morris, Charles Beazley, John Graham, Thomas Fojbrook, William Phillips, J Winter, Francis Glojfop, William Griffith, John Whitehead, Lawrence Burton, Robert John Cocker, Thomas Wright, John Wilkie, T FqU lowfield, Francis Franco, C Watkins, James Raymond, George Pringley Jofeph Kernot, R Knight, J Harley, H Milton, William Downs, William Dunn, Williatft Lucas, Andrew Franklin, Thomas Green- wood, A Lowndes, John Bowley9 Samuel Spring, James Smarts Robert Mitchell, Thomas Shaw, J Stephen/on, James Denew, Edward Ainge, M Linley, John Grubb, John Windus, John Wei* banK Richard Strong Wells, A Menzies, William Welford, William J Bankes, Theophilus Elgie, George Edwards, James Mitchell, Thomas Parker, and Nathaniel Vicke, together with fuch other Perfon and Perfons as fhall fubferibe towards railing; the Capital Sum hereinafter men. tioned, and their feveral and refpe&ive Succeffors, Executors, Adminif* trators and Affigns, being a Proprietor ox Proprietors of any Share or 5* OE O' R 011 IIL Cap, 2 % $0 4799 Shares m the fa!4 UndertaMag^ paying mi contributing to the Capital Sum to be rdfed as hereinafter mentioned, fhall be and they are hereby accordingly united into a Comply for erefting the faid Theatre and furrounding Buildings, and carrying into Execution the Pjiirpofes of this Aft3 and fhall for that Purpofe be One Body, Corporate Incorporated* and Politic, by the Name and Style of The Theatre Royal Drury Lane Thcir Styl-Company of Proprietors, and by that Name (hall have perpetual Sue-ceffion and a Common Seal, and by that Name fhall and may fue and be fned, and alfo fhall and may have full Power and Authority to pur-chafe or ^change Meffuages* Lands, Tenements9 and Hereditaments, to them, their Succeffors andAfligns, for theDfedfthe faid Theatre and the furrounding Buildings and Improvements, and the other Purpofes herein mentioned, without incurring any of the Penalties or Statutes of Mortmain, and alfo to fell or exchange for others any of the Lands?, Tenements* or Hereditaments, purchafed for the Purpofes aforefaid : Pro*-vided always, nevertbelefs, That the faid Land or Ground, fo to be held by the faid Corporation, {hall not .exceed Five Acres in the whole. II, Aad be it further ena&edj That it fhall be lawful to and for Company the faid Company of Proprietors to raife and contribute in fuch Prooor- ma?raif : tions asthey fhall think proper, any Sum or Sums of Money, not exceed- ^VsuT ing in the Whole the Sum of Thjee hundred thoufand Pounds* which not exceed ing; faid Sum or Sums of Money fhall be laid out and applied, in the firft soo^oooL Place, in difcharging the Expences of obtaining and paffing this A&3 and of the Surveys, Plans, and Eftimates and other incidental Expences relating thereto j and, an the next Place, in Payment to George White of Park Street, Wejtmmfler, Efquire,, and Ann the Wife of John Martindale of Tavijlock Place, in the County of Middlefe^* Efquire, or unto fuch other Perfon or Perfons, as fhe the faid Ann Martindale on her Part fhall appoint, in equal Shares and Proportions, fuch Sum or Sums of Money as is and fhall or may become due and owing to them in refpedl of their Shares, Rights, and Intereft, in certain Letters Patent, granted by His late Majefty King Charles the Second, to Thomas Killegrew Efquire, for ere&kig and building a Theatre in the Cities of London and Wijiminjlery or the Suburbs thereof, for performing Plays and other Entertainments therein; and in the next Place, in making due and juft Payment-or Compenfation to the Renters and the feveral other Claimants on ,the faid Property upon fuch Terms as the faid Claimants and the faid Company of Proprietors fhall agree ; and thirdly, inpurchafmg the entire Property and Intereft of the prefent Proprietors and Parties, beneficially and ultimately interefted in the Property of the faid late Theatre-I?.oyaI Drury~Lmte9 and the Profits and Property thereof, and then for and towards rebuild* ing, ere&ing, and finifhing the faid intended new Theatre, and the furrounding Buildings and Improvements neceffary thereto, and in pur-chafing, making, and completing the Scenery, Machinery, Wardrobe, Furniture, Mufic, Decorations, and other Appendages, and otherwife for carrying this Aft into Execution?; and that the faid 6um of Three To be divided hundred thoufand Pounds fhall be .divided into Shares of One hundred into Shares-Pounds each, and that the faid Shares fhall be and they are hereby veiled ^ ^oo1, in the faid feveral Perfons and Bodies Politic, Corporate or Collegiate^ fo fubferibing, and their feveral and refpeflive Executors, Adminiftrators^ Succeffors and Affigns, to their and every of their proper Ufe and Benefit, proportionably to the feveral Sums they fhall feverally pay and contribute, and 4Soo Shareg to be Perfonal Eflate. Enabling in* capacitated Ferfons to releafe Share*, Ice. . in the late-Theft t re. 50* GEORGII IIL Cap. 214. and all Bodies Politic, Corporate, and Collegiate, and all other Perfoiw, their feveral and refpe&ive Succeffors, Executors, Adminiftrators and Affigns, who fhall feverally fubferibe for One or more Share or Shares, fhall...

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