Crown Benefices (Parish Representatives) Measure 2010

Document Number:2010 No. 3

A Measure to make provision for the appointment of lay parish representatives to approve the selection of incumbents of certain Crown benefices.

[18 th March 2010]

1 Amendment of Section 35 of the Patronage (Benefices) Measure 1986

(1) After section 35(1) of the Patronage (Benefices) Measure 1986 (1986 No. 3) there shall be inserted the following subsections—

“(1 A) The following provisions of this Measure shall apply in relation to the selection of an incumbent to fill a vacancy in a benefice the patronage or any share in the patronage of which is vested in or exercisable by Her Majesty, whether in right of Her Crown or Her Duchy of Lancaster, or is vested in or exercisable by the possessor for the time being of the Duchy of Cornwall, whether Her Majesty or a Duke of Cornwall—

(a) section 11(1)(b) , (4) , (5) , (6) and (7);

(b) section 11(2)(a) and, so far as it relates thereto, section 11(3)(a) , and section 11(3)(b);

(c) section 11(8) , so far only as it relates to parish representatives; and

(d) section 13(1)(b)(i) , (3) and, so far only as they relate to parish representatives, (4) and (5).

(1 B) Where, by virtue of subsection (1 A)(d) , section 13(4) and (5) of this Measure apply in relation to the selection of an incumbent to fill a benefice which is vacant during a vacancy in the see of a diocesan bishop and to which Her Majesty has the right of presentation and to which the right of presentation would, but for the vacancy, be exercisable by that bishop, any reference in those subsections to the registered patron shall be construed as a reference...

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