Anglesey Railway Act 1812

Publication Date:January 01, 1812
Anglesey Railway Act 1812

(52 Geo. 3) c. cxlii

An Act for making and maintaining a Railway, from Penrbynmawr, in the Parish of Llanfihangel Esceifiog, to Redwharf, in the Parish of Llanbedrgoch, in the County of Anglesey; and also a Dock in the Parish of Lanbedrgoch aforesaid.

[9th June 1812]

ANNO QUINaUAGESIMO SECUNDO GEORGII III. REGIS. Cap. 14a. An A£ for making and maintaining a Railway, from Penrhynmawr, in the Parifh of Llanfihangel Ejcefiog, to Redwharfi in the Parifh of Llanbedrgochy in the County of Anglefey^ and alfo a Dock in the Parifh of Lanbedrgoch aforefaid. [9th June 1812.] W HEREAS the making and ipaihtaining a Railway or Tram Road, for the Paffage of Waggons and other Carriages from, or near from, the South Weft End of a certain Meffbage, Tenement or Farm, called Ptnrhynmawr, in the Parifh of Llanfihangel Efceifiog9 in the County of Anglefey, through the faid Parifh of Llanfihangel Efceifiogj and the feverai Parilhes oFPenmynydd, Llanffinnan, Pentraeth, and Llanbedrgoch, in the faid County of Anglefey, to or near to a certain Place called Red Wharf, in the faid Parifh of Llanbedrguh, and the making and maintaining a Dock or Bafm for Ships, Barges and other Veffels, with Cuts, Locks, and other neceffary Worki, at the Termination of the faid Railway, or Tram Road, near the faid Place called Red Wharfs into the Bay of Red Wharf to communicate with the Sea, will not only open a cheap, eafy, and commodious Communication from or hear from the South Weft End of the faid MefTuage, Tenement, or Farm, to the faid Bay of Red Wharf, whereby the Conveyance of Coal, Lime, Limeftone, and other Products of the adjoining and furrounding Hills and Country, will be greatly facili- [Lqc* & Per.] 34 R tated 3i02 52'GEORGII III. Cap.i^z. tated from the advantageous Situation of the propofed Extremity of the intended Road, and rendered much lefs expenfive, but will alfo, in other Refpefts, be of very great public Benefit and Utility : And whereas the feveral Perfons hereinafter v?mp$4 a#A de^ous at their own Cofts and Charges, to npfcs; aad yial^t^a ;fi&di T|^l\my or Trpn Road, and Dock or Bafin, and other Works ;* but *$£& {$m$ cannot be eflfefted without the Aid ad Authority of Parliament: May It therefore pleafe Your Ma- jefty tku It *nay heena$£ii ; and be it'enaft&| by the King's moft Excellent Majefty^^fey'-ao^'-'^litih' the Advice and Goirfent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, ^L;£^ and by Proprietors *he Authority of the fame, That the Right Honorable Henry William Names. Earl of Uxbridge, the Right Honorable Henry Paget commonly called Lord Paget; the Right Honorable Sir Arthur Paget Knight of the moft Honorable Qrder of the Bath, the Honorable Edward Pagtt, the Honorable Charles Paget, the Honorable Berkeley Pagety Holland Griffith Efquire, Richard Trygarn Griffith Efquire, the Reverend Richard Griffith Doftor in Divinity \ John Aylmer Efquire, John Sander/on Efquire, Thomas Jones of Bryntirion Ekpire, Owen Anthony Poole Efquire, and WUUam Price Piole Efquire, and |heir feveral and refpeftive Succefibrs, Ikecutom, Adminiftraiors, *ai|d .Alligns, (hall be, and they are hereby united into a Company for making and maintaining the faid Railway or Tram Road, and Dock or Bafm and other Works, by this Aft authorized to be executed, according to the Rules, Orders, and Directions hereinafter m&&iim&& fc4 fpecified^^aad flbatl for that Purpofe b one* Body Incorporated Corporate, by the Name and Style of The Anglefey Railway Company/ and by that Name fhall have perpetual Succeffion and a Common Seal, and by that Name fhall and may fue and be fued, and that the faid Company of Proprietors fhall have Power and Authority from and after the paffing of this Aft, and at all Times thereafter, to purchafe and hold %m&% an4 Hereditiirqeotf j-pjhem and their Succeffors and Affig$s,..f$r the Ufe of the faid Undertaking and Works, and alio to fell pr difppfe of $ie faid Land? and Hereditaments again, without incurring any ^of the Penalties or Eorfeit^spftheStatv&ep pf JMprtmajn ; and the faid Oopipany of Pfpprietprs £hall b$, aijd are |^ere|)y authorised and enipoweredf by thenifelves, their D^puti^; Ag&it^y ^ffi^ers^ Wqrkiten" ^nd'Servknts to jnakg, jcpmplete, and maintain, and fromjline to Time to after a Railway Or Tram Road, to be called ' The Anglefey Railway/ on which Waggons and 9ther Carriages to be conftrajftgef $* he?*£.in-af$r? ^ppqfet^4 may pap, from or near thevSouth Weft I^d o£\$h£ faid Meffu$e.; Tenement. or Earn}* called Penrhyntnqupr^ m tfee Pariih of klatifik&npl E/cMfogy in thp. faid County of Anglefey,.though the faid Mflfu^ge, Tenem$&% P^T Earm, and i$to and thraug^t as ^ell the, faid Fajifh pfLlanfihmgd ^4$%&i as *njt0 *n ^ trough the fe\^ral P&rifhes of Pefymynydd Vlatffinnm^ P^nimethy and Llan^edrgoch^ in the ,faid County of A^g^foy^^ $ear to the faid Plgice called Red Wharf \ in the j#i i Parifh of. Llanbedrgoch\\ and aifo to n$^e? complete and maintain, and from Time to Time to alter and deepen a Dock or Bafin, with proper C^uts^ Loqks, Wharfs, Quays, B^nks/Shipping Places, and other neceffary Works, for the Ufe of Ships, Barges, and other Veflfels, and the faid Railway, at or near the faid Place called Red Wharf into the Bay of Red IVharf in the .faid Parifh of Llanbedrgoch) in the faid County of Apglefey ; and for the Purpofes afore* [aid, the faid Company of Proprietors, their Deputies, Agents, Servant$, Surveyors, and Workmen, are -hereby authorized .and empowered tp enter 52* GEORGII III. GzjM42. 3103 enter Into and upon the Lands and Grounds of any Per Ion or Perlo&c, Bodies Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate whatfoever, and to furvey and take Levels of the fame, or any Part thereof, and to fet out, ascertain, and appropriate, for the Purpofes herein mentioned, fuch Parts thereof as they fhall think neceffary and proper for making on altering the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin; and all fuch other Works, Matters, and Conveniences, as they (hall think proper and neceffary for making, effe&ing, preferring, improving, completing, maintaining, and ufing the fame, and for thofe Purpofes to bore, dig, cut, trench, fough, get, raife, remove, take, carry away, lay, ufe, and manufa&ure any Earth, Clay, Stone, Soil, Rubbifh,* Trees, Roots of Trees, Beds of Gravel, or Sand, or any other Materials, or Things which can or may be dug, raifed, or gotten, in making the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin, or other Works afot-efaid, out of the Lands or Grounds of any Perfon or Perfons, Bodies Politic, Corporate or Collegiate, adjoining or being convenient or contiguous to fuch Railway or Tram Road, and ,which may be proper, requifite, 6v neceffaty, for making, carrying on, continuing, maintaining, altering, cleanfmg, or repairing the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin, and other Works aforefaid ; or which may hinder/prevent, or obftru£t the makings ufing, completing, altering, extending, or maintaining the fame refpe&ively, According to the Intent and Meaning of this Aft; and alfo *to make, biiild, ereft, bank, excavate, or fet up, in, under, or-upon-the faid Railway or Tram. Road, Dock or Bafin, and other/Works, or upon the Lands adjoining or near to the fame, fuch* and fo: many Bridges, Piers, Arches, Tunnels, Aquedufts, Sluices, Flood Gates; Weirs, Pens for Water, Wharfs, Houfes, Warehoufes, Toll Houfes, Landing Places, Weighing Beams, Cranes, Fire Engines, or other Machines, and other Works and Ways, Roads, and Conveniences, where, and in fuch Manner as the faid Company of Proprietors fhalt think necefiary and convenient fof the Purpofes of the faid Undertaking f and alfo, from Time to Time, to alter, repair, and amend or difcontinue the fame; and alfo to place, lay, work or manufa&ure the Materials neceffary for the making, ereft-ing, maintaining, and repairing the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin, and other Works, on the Lands or Grounds near to the Place or Places where the faid Works, or any of them (hall be, or are intended to be made, erefted, repaired, or. donej and alfo td make, maintain, re-pair, and alter, any Fences or Paffages, over, under, or through the faid Railway or Tram Road; and alfo to make* fet outy and appoint fuch Roada and Ways Convenient for hauling and drawing of Waggons and other Carriages, paffing upon the faid Railway or*Tram Road, with Men or Horfes, or otherwife, and propei" Places' for Waggons and other* Carriages, to turn, lie, or pafs each bther, as the faid Company of Proprietors fhall think convenient; and to conftruft, ereft, and keep in Repair, any Bridges, Piers, Arches, or other Works, in, upon, and acrofs any Rivers or Brooks, for the making, effefting, preferving, improving, completing, ufing, maintaining, and repairing of the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin, and other Works j and to conftruft, ereQ:, make," and do all other Matters and Things which they fhall think convenient or neceffary for the making, effecting, altering, preferving, improving^ completing, and ufing the faid Railway or Tram Road, Dock or Bafin, and other Works, to be made or conftrufted in purfuance and according to the true Intent and Meaning of this Aft j they the laid Com- 4 Pany 3104 52#GEORGI1 m- Cap.142. pany of Proprietors, their Deputies, Agents, Servants, and Workmen, doing as little Damage as may be in the Execution of the feveral Powers to them hereby, granted, and making full Satisfa&ion, in Manner herein-after mentioned, to the Owners or Proprietors, and all Perfons in-terefted in any Lands or other Hereditaments, which fhall be taken, ufed, removed, diverted, or injured, for all Damages to be by them fuftained, in or by the Execution of all or any of the Powers hereby granted ; and this Aft fhall be fufficient to indemnify the faid Company of Proprietors, and their Deputies, Servants, Agents, and Workmen, and all other Perfons whomfoever, for what they, or any of them, fhall do by virtue of the Powers hereby granted j fubjeft neverthelefs...

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